Many Hidden Facts about the Taste of Beer
Many Hidden Facts about the Taste of Beer
  • Kim Lee Kyung-hee
  • 승인 2007.09.11 15:41
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The taste of beer is influenced by various factors, such as fermentation time, storage method, ingredients and so on.  How brew masters, those that make beer, deal with barely or how the bar manager stores the beer, can affect the taste of beer dramatically.   Today, The Sookmyung Times introduces some of the hidden facts about the taste of beer, bubble, dark beer, and draft beer’s secrets to you.

Keeper of Beer Tastes, Bubble

Many beer advertisements emphasize bubble like Cass, Hite, and Heineken.  Their advertisements say that the more bubbles there are in the beer, the better the taste.  Because of this, many beer gardens display bear bubble deliciously like cream, which stimulate customers to drink.  Is this fact true?  To find out, we must first know how the beer bubbles are formed. 

The reason is that carbon dioxide in beer is released and forms bubbles when it meets oxygen.  These bubbles have a very important role when you drink beer.  The bubbles prevent the taste of the beer from changing when it meets oxygen.  So if you drink your beer, keep it as bubbly as possibly.  Therefore, the common saying that the more bubbly the beer, the more delicious its taste is true.

Rich and Deep Taste, Dark Beer

Also when customers visit traditional beer gardens or beer houses, they can drink other kinds of beer such as dark beer and draft beer.  Many people mistakenly think that dark beer is brewed using a grain other than barely.  Actually dark beer uses the same barely as most other beer.  Dark beer gets its dark brown color from the beer manufacturer using roasted malt, giving it a darker color.  Also, dark beer often uses more hops than regular beer, giving it a stronger scent and a richer taste than other beer.

The Top Secret of Draft Beer

Beer that hasn’t been heat treated and sterilized (pasteurized) is called draft beer.  The principle of making draft beer is somewhat simple.  Draft beer is made by a cooling mechanism that connects carbon dioxide tank and draft beer keg (large container of beer), the primary point that makes or breaks draft beer taste is the control of carbon dioxide pressure.  This pressure grade and fermentation time have difference each beer garden so costumers feel taste of beer is different each beer garden.

There are many factors that affect taste of beer.  However, you should remember that excessive drinking causes all kinds of diseases, also beer has a lot of calories, so it can make you gain weight!

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