Choose What You Want to Read!
Choose What You Want to Read!
  • Oh Lee Yeon
  • 승인 2012.11.16 19:17
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Between the 24th and 27th of September, SMU library held an event, Reader’s Choice Foreign Publication Exhibition.  It was held in the first floor of the central library and the event was to give a chance for students and professors to actually choose the books they favored and needed to enhance satisfaction and utilization of the library.  The displayed books were about 6000; recently published books of various studies, TESOL publications, and books of worldly famous universities.  Students and professors were able to pick up books that they favored among the displayed ones, and the books that were chosen were to be equipped in the shelves of the library soon.  An e-book system demonstration using Crematouch (which is an e-book terminal) was also held during the event sponsored by Kyobo.  Students were able to test them, and if their responses were positive, the library plans to provide them for free.

 President Hwang, who visited the library during the event, said “I think it is a great chance
to be adjacent to books through this event.  Books can be even new to people who are
close with them.  I know e-books have become a new trend, but it is always nice to pick
up a paper book in this autumn season and enjoy the smell and the message of a reading.
Reading can set your direction of life.  Meeting books, especially foreign publications as
these, will help you widen your mind and enable you to meet the whole world.”

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