A Shift in Generation, 2012 → 2013
A Shift in Generation, 2012 → 2013
  • Kim Jo Dana
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From November 20th to November 29th, an election was held over the campus.  There were three elections; one for a representative of each department, one for a representative of each college, and one for a student body president.  The election for a representative of each department was held differently from department to department.  In the case of the Division of Business Administration, the election was held from November 21st to 22nd, but the elections for the representative of the college and the student body president were held from November 27th to November 29th.  It was held not only on campus, but also on-line.  Students were able to elect through the Blue Ribbon Portal system.  Students who wished to be student body president were allowed to register as candidates by November 16th.  Most of the elections had a sole candidate, so students chose for or against only.  There were students who volunteered at an election.  They encouraged students to elect.  If a turnout of voters is less than 50 percent, then our school council can be dead.  Actually, there were some schools which don’t have a student council.  It led to harm to students.  Jun Yuna, of the Division of Business Administration ‘12 said, “It was good to take part in my first election at the university.  I look forward for their future works for students.” And I wish all of students to elect, because it doesn’t take much time.

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