SNOW, "We will be Your Help, Freshmen!"
SNOW, "We will be Your Help, Freshmen!"
  • Lee Cho Myunghyun
  • 승인 2013.03.09 00:48
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SMU’s leadership group SNOW (Sookmyung Network for an Open World) held a special lecture for freshmen.  This lecture was held at the Samsung Convention Center, in Centennial Hall on February 4th at 2 pm. SNOW composed this lecture by celebrities like Jung Hoeil, who gave a special lecture entitled, “I have studied English in Korea,” and Kim Yoonkyu, who gave a speech entitled “Young people, never give up!”  Before these lectures, SNOW had a time to talk with the freshmen by making quizzes and giving tips which are good to know for SMU students.  About 200 students came to the Samsung Convention Center for hearing their speeches, and there were also other Sookmyungians who were not freshmen.  All the speeches took a total of two hours. And for students, SNOW prepared hamburgers and coke.  Kim Songyi, who is a SNOW group member, said, “We had planned for a month to hold this event and invite those celebrities, and I am very happy this event has ended successfully.”  Also, Lee Mihyun, Division of Culture & Tourism’13, said, “I had been worried about English, so I came for hearing the speech of Jung Hoeil, and I think those lectures will be very good for my English ability.”

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