Upgrade of the Myungshin Buildng for Better University Life
Upgrade of the Myungshin Buildng for Better University Life
  • Lee Kim Sooyeon
  • 승인 2013.03.09 01:00
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The extension work of the Myungshin Building, which started on June 25th, 2012, was finished earlier this year.  The purpose of this work was to solve the lack of lecture rooms and to solve crowding.  The Myungshin Building was originally really crowded during the semester because there was only one elevator, and almost all the liberal arts lessons were in the Myungshin Building.  There were many complaints, and student unions also repeatedly prompted solving this crowding.  To solve this jam of students, the university made one more elevator for better movement, and extended the building.  Also, they made a rest space for providing convenience on the second floor.  Next to the rest space, there are classes where students can autonomously have conferences or hold a seminar.  The extensions are mainly for examination applicants.  Heretofore, examination preparation classes were placed in different buildings.  However, the university used this opportunity to consolidate those classes into the Myungshin Building.  A member of the Construction Management Team said, “With this extension work, we installed a shower place, a rest place, and seminar classes for students.  We expect better a study environment for Sookmyungians. ”

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