SMU Gave Freshmen an Enthusiastic Welcome!
SMU Gave Freshmen an Enthusiastic Welcome!
  • Lee Cho Myunghyun
  • 승인 2013.03.09 01:05
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SMU held an entrance ceremony on February 20th. This ceremony was meaningful because it was the first ceremony the freshmen attended. In the three-part ceremony, Part 1 included SMU’s promotion video and learning SMU’s school song. In Part 2, the real entrance ceremony began. All the students and faculty pledged allegiance to the nation and sang the national anthem. In her congratulatory address immediately following this ceremony, President Sunhye Hwang said, “I celebrate the 107th freshman class. I want all the freshmen to be able to plan for themselves and know how to manage their time.” Part 3 was a welcome party for the freshmen. Musical group Charm Charm, who won the Popularity Award at the MBC University Song Festival ’11, headed this section. With their performance, Soul Supreme who made an appearance at MBC audition 3, graced the occasion with their presence. Also, SMU’s dance club, MAX, and cheering club, NIVIS, showed great performances to students. Kim Seonghee, the college of pharmacy ’13, said, “The entrance ceremony was really great. I am expecting Sookmyung university life because of this.”

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