SMU, Where to Go?
SMU, Where to Go?
  • Lim Lee Hyungsun
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01. Food

Misochan is the students’ cafeteria in B002,Myungshin Building, which most of the students use.  Its menu is changed day by day, so students can enjoy a variety of foods.  They produce the courses of Hansik, Ilpoom, and Teuksun, each of which the cost is different.  Hansik produces Korean foods and the foods are given in appointed dishes.  And it supplies rice, soup, and various side dishes.  While Hansik produces various dishes, Ilpoom and Teuksun offer main dishes like Bibimbap or Steak.  And the difference of Ilpoom and Teuksun is Ilpoom’s food is more like Korean foods, and Teuksun produces western foods. 


Also, if you want some simple foods, then you can enjoy the Snack corner.  Snack offers different kinds of Kimbap, TTuckbokee, and Ramen, but if you go to the Snacks at lunch time (12:00~2:00), you might wait too much time because there are too many people at that time.
To eat Misochan’s food, you should pay the cost of the course you want.  You can pay at the entrance of Misochan, and there are vending machines for meal tickets.  Each vending machine is equipped to sell the ticket by cash, credit card, or T-money bus card.  And if you come to Misochan through the back entrance, you can buy the ticket at the school store in front of the back entrance.  After buying the ticket, you should go to the counter that you choose and give the ticket to the giver.  Then just get your food and enjoy!
And there is another tip you should remember.  It’s Misochan’s operation hours!  Hansik is offered from 9:20~19:15.  And Ilpoom, Teuksun, and Ramen which is produced in Snacks are at 10:00~19:15.
Finally, Kimbap is offered at 10:30, but you should remember again that if you go there at lunch time, you can’t get it.  Also on Friday, Misochan operates for a shorter time period than other days because they have to do general cleaning, so we can use Misochan from 9:20 to 17:00.


Hew is in the center library’s 5th floor.  It has a difference with Misochan and that is Hew offers not only foods but also a café.  Hew’s food menus are Ilpoom 1 and Ilpoom 2.  Hew’s food is very similar with Misochan, but the cost is cheaper.  For that reason, students say Misochan’s foods are better in terms of food quality.  Kwon, an SMU student, said, “Hew is inferior in quality and their menus also fall behind Misochan.  However, Hew supplies drinks and snacks, so I enjoy Hew.” Hew also offers a snack corner and the snacks have the same menu and the same cost with Misochan.
Hew’s operation hours are 9:00 to 19:00.  However, the foods are offered only from 11:00 to 19:00, so if you want breakfast, then go to the Misochan.  Also, at 15:00 to 16:00, you should order only drinks.  And if Hew’s foods are all sold, then they don’t make any foods, and only sell snacks.

●Café Snow
Café Snow is located in the Renaissance Plaza B108 and it is called Noon-Dabang to Sookmyungians.  Café Snow is operated as restaurant and café together, and students use there as the place for team assignment or rest because there are so many seats.  The most important thing is that we can use computers there.  The café runs with same price with cafés on campus, but offers items such as gelato ice cream, gimbap and waffles.  Differently from the menus at Misochan and Hew, which have different menus daily, Café Snow has a fixed menu.  Although the price is a little more expensive, you can enjoy food that is different from the other university restaurants.




02. Café

●The 1st Campus & The 2nd Campus
In the 1st campus, SMU students can use the cafés in the Administration Building and the Sunheon Building.  In the Sunheon Building 423B, there is a Faculty and Staff Café.  In this café, the coffees that most of students enjoy are very cheap.  For example, Americano’s cost is just 1,300 won.  And caramel macchiato whip, the most expensive coffee in there, is just 2,500 won!  And although this café’s name is “Faculty and Staff at SMU,” every student can use this café easily.  Also, in the Administration Building 217, there is a small café.  All the costs of the coffees are the same with the Sunheon’s café, but this café’s scale is too small.  However, in front of this café, there are many tables and seats, so SMU students can use this place.  In the 2nd campus, there is also another café.  It is located in the Social Education Building.  Its costs are also the same with other school cafés, but this café closes at 3 pm, so many students can’t enjoy this café.



Blueberry Café is located in the Student Union, and if you come to the 1st campus entrance, you can
see it easily.  However, it is a little more expensive than the other school cafés in the Myungshin and Sunheon Buildings.  Blueberry’s Americano is 2,500 won and the most expensive one, caramel macchiato, is 4,000 won.  Although it is a little expensive, Blueberry sells pizza and sandwiches, so students can enjoy simple brunches.  To the Blueberry, there are some secrets.  Blueberry’s first floor is just like the other cafés, but after going to the next floor, there are big tables and you can use computers.  So many students use this place to study for team assignments.  However, it is not the end.  Blueberry’s second floor can change into a cultural space.  There was a small concert on the second floor last year.  1sagain, The band, and Sogyumo Acasia Band played at this concert.  The tickets were also cheap, for 6,000 won, so the students who couldn’t enjoy cultural life could join that concert easily.


03. Students’ Convenient Facilities


●Health Club
Do you know there is a health club at SMU? In the college of music, there is a health club for SMU students! If you go to the basement, level 3 of that building, you can enjoy exercise for cheaper than at other gyms.  For that reason, in the vacation, there were so many students and professors. Kang Jungmi, of the Division of French Language & Literature ’09, said, “I have used this gym for three months and I am really satisfied with this facility.”



If you want to exercise at this gym, then deposit the money in the school account.  The acceptance period is from the 25th of the previous month to 5th of that month.  And you can use the gym from the first day of that month to the last day.  And after registering, you should bring receipts to show that you deposited the money.  You could deposit the bill to this account.

Shinhan Bank, 140-009-088808, Sookmyung Women’s University

The gym operates from 7:30 to 20:00 on weekdays, and from 9:00 to 16:00 the weekends, so Sookmyungian can use it during lunch or after closing classes.  However, you should remember this.  The gym does not supply any gym suits or running shoes.  And after exercising, you can use the shower room to the right side of the gym.  Also, if you use this for six months, you can get a locker.  For details, you can call this number, 710-9647.

There is good news!  As you can see, SMU does not have a napping room, unlike other universities, so
students nap on some buildings’ sofas.  Of course, there is a resting room in the Myungshin Building,
but it’s for professors, so students couldn’t be in there.  Because of this problem, SMU made a resting room for students in the Myungshin Building.  The new resting room is in the second floor of that building.  There are not only sofas, but also some tables, so students can use them for team assignments or taking their time.  In addition, unlike other buildings, there are enough sofas, so many students can nap in there.  Also, in the new resting room there are fan heaters and air conditioning, so students can be comfortable.  To use this resting room, there is no operation hour.  Just go and use it!  But if their seats are full, then go to these places below.  You can nap in there.
- Sae Him Hall, the first floor
- Valuetas Building, the first floor
- Centennial Hall, the first floor
- The College of Music, the first floor

●Copy center
You want to copy, but don’t have money, and the paper is not important.  Then, go to the free copy
machine!  You can copy the paper using both sides of a paper.  A student association offers free copy service for students.  You can use this machine at these places!
- A Students Hall, the 4th floor
- Valutas Building, the basement floor
- The College of Music, the first floor
In the smart phone era, we can go into a panic because of running out of batteries, so many students bring their charger from their home.  However, if you don’t bring your charger, then where you should go? The answer is here.  In the Student Union, 4th floor, you can see four chargers next to the free copy machine.  And there are some tips for you.  You should use the service for only 40 minutes, and after that time, the manager will take off your phone.  Then you should go to the Students Service Center on the second floor to retrieve your phone.  Also, charging will be good if you turn off your cell phone.

Freshmen are able to think that if they are coming to university, then they have to buy a laptop.  But, you don’t have to.  SMU offers desktops for you.  At the Myungshin Building 108, you can use computers for free! You should use only a laptop for team assignments? Then, at Myungshin Building 103, you can borrow one.  However, there is one thing you have to remember.  The first time you borrow it, go to the Administration Building first.  In the Administration Building 221, you have to pay 2,000 won for a renting receipt.  If you pay it first, then you can borrow it anytime.


04. Libraries


●The Central Library


Most of students use the central library.  But SMU Central Library is not only for just borrowing books and studying.  There are many things you can do in Central Library.  At first, our library is connected with RISS, which can see various theses.  RISS is generally a paid service, so it is very useful to students who have to write essays or scholarly articles.  And we can watch a movie in the library.  On the second floor of the central library, there is the HongEunWon Film Museum. Each week, our library shows the selected movie for free.  To watch a movie, you should go to the HongEunWon Film Museum at 2 pm on weekdays.  Moreover, students can reserve the book and prolong the lending period.  If you want to extend the period, then do it the last day.  The extension is for two weeks, and starts on the day which you request the extension.  For that reason, if you request the extension at the first day of lending, then you can’t receive the effect.  For reservation of books and extension of the lending period, you can visit the Sookmyung library web site.  Also, if the library does not have a book that you want, then you can request the library to buy it.  For each student, SMU gives 200,000 won, so you can buy the books under that cost.  This request can also be met through the Sookmyung library web site.



05.Web Sites


SNOROSE is Sookmyung’s Internet community.  You can get some information about not only the
university, but also many tips on how to do things, like make-up. However, for more information you
have to go up a level, and that is too difficult.
Sookstory is good for making a class time table.  To be a member of it, you should write the class measures at least 3 times.  Then they can get information about each class.
SNOW offers the world’s famous lectures on-line.  Each major’s every lectures are here.  If you want
to see the popular lecture, then come in.

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