Challenge for 'A RANGE OF VOICE' and 'TABOO'
Challenge for 'A RANGE OF VOICE' and 'TABOO'
  • Lee Cho Myunghyun
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Challenge for “A range of voice” and ”Taboo!” This is a motto of “the Students’ PD Note. ” What does this mean? “The Students’ PD Note” aims to find hidden facts about what our media and government did.  Plus, they want to show common facts, without bias.  The Sookmyung Times (SMT) met this club’s representative, Byun Jaewoo (BYUN), to know how they were doing for their motto.

SMT  There are many press clubs in universities, so each press club has to have their own personalities to appeal to students.  Then, what are your club’s differences with other press clubs? 

BYUN  I think other club's may have seminars to study the opinions for viewing our society correctly.  However, our clubs seminars’ subjects are more various than that of other clubs.  Politics is the best subject which students choose, and this is for viewing politics through the press.  Art is also popular.  We study human literature through the arts, and discuss the freedom of expression through the films.  Also, philosophy is a great subject, so we went to hear Michael Sandel, Harvard Professor and author of the book What is Justice, give a lecture at Yonsei University.  Additionally, all the members of our club can choose these subjects independently if they want that! And our seminar’s forms are presentation and discussion.  For that reason, if some students do not want to be a PD or a journalist, they enjoy this club for objects of studying these subjects.  And we have many lectures of media peoples and celebrities like Choi Yongik, the columnist of Newstapa, and Lim Seungsoo, the writer of the book I Encourage Young People to Do Various Things.  The best thing of our club is that we have an alternative media organization.  Its name is The Voice of News and we publish it as a webzine.  We wrote articles and shot documentary pictures.  The articles are very good, unlike what we thought at first, but the documentary pictures are too lacking in skill.  So the netizens who watch our pictures point out many things to correct our errors.  We think this Voice of News is better than just doing seminars and monitoring media because we can correct our shortcomings.

SMT  Then, to make The Voice of News, you have to go to the actual spot of the accidents.  What are the representative examples?

BYUN  The representative thing is when we went to the SsangYong Motor’s occupations.  Our media is approaching this problem pretty logically.  However, when we went to the actual spot, we focused on the questions like “What is
the most common problem? ” , “How do people feel? ” or “Why are they angry like that? ” And we could know the answers about those questions and feel their emotions because of going directly.  People in SsangYong Motors didn’t speak too much.  Most viewers who are getting information in previous media may think they are dissatisfied about SsangYong’s treatments.  However, the actual reason is the grief that the company threw away their employees easily, not unfair aggrievement.  Also, we went to the half school fees demonstration in Seoul City Hall.  But we were very unhappy because its scale was too small.  Half school fees is the important thing like an FTA, but we said it could not be real because of its scale.  That means people’s interest of it was too low.

SMT  What is the plan of Students’ PD Note in the future?

BYUN  Long term, we will make a documentary film for one to two months, so we want to apply for the film contest.  We want many students who are interested in media and studying social trends to come to our club.


● Title : The Students’ PD Note
● Personality : United Opinion Club
● Main : Activities
1. Having Seminars once a week
2. Monitoring media
3. Activating with Alternative media organization
● History : Started in July, 2011
● Homepage : ,

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