World in Touch - Entertainment
World in Touch - Entertainment
  • Lee Jung Seung-ji
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In bus or subway, people can observe other people having some machine.  Those machines could be cell phone, games or MP3 player without button.  Also, people can see easily some machines working with only touch of people in bank or government and public offices like a village office.  Such machines can work with only touch of people because those have touch-screen and touch-pad.  Sometimes people can witness that other person pats an animal in the machine.  There are reactions of an animal as well as touches of human.  Have you ever listened to the ‘Touchtainment’?  It is a term that is a compound word of touch and entertainment.  Nowadays, People seem to live in world of Touchtainment.  Now people do contact not only other people but also machines.  It is not limited to specific part and is including diverse part in reality. 

 An electronic machine

-  Start of Touchtainment

 Nintendo Company released games called Nintendogs.  It is the best example of touch machine.  It is same in terms of caring the animals but is different in terms of the fact that people can touch the animal with Tamagotchi.  Dogs of Nintendogs respond to a touch of people.  When people touch them, for example patting and soothing, dogs of Nintendogs react like rolling and shaking a tail.  As a result, Nintendogs sell 13 million in one year offered internationally and is the best item in .  Lee Bo-ram who is 23 years old and student of university said “when I touch my dog that is an animal of Nintendogs, he shows me some reaction and it makes me happy because I seem to connect him really.  Additionally, there are many items using touch technology.  For example, those are PRADA phone of LG company, iPhone(cell phone) and iPod(MP3 player) of Apple company.  PRADA phone and iPhone use touch-screen.  It makes people using the items feel enjoyment of touch.  Especially, iPod(MP3 player) use wheel method that finger does touch wheel and every function can work.  In the past, human and machine are separated because their relationship is no some contact.  However, in the present, human and machine can contact each other through touch of people.

Touchtainment in Every Day

- Spreading of Touch-Entertainment

 Nowadays Touchtainment are spreading in real life.  It is over machinery and is spreading in reality.  A singing room of bare feet is a good example of it.  People going a singing room can use it that its bottom is an underfloor-heating room, soil or the sand.  People can use it with bare feet.  People using it can feel childhood that is time playing with bare feet on the road.  Also, a new marketing way is presenting world.  It is a sign marketing of Levi’s that is company of blue jeans.  They do advertise through method that use touch with consumers.  They painted bus station and then write ‘Put one’s signature!, please.’  They want to contact consumers directly.  A link of Touch-Entertainment is free-hug movement.  It already was a playing.  Free-hug makes people contact each other and assure their being.  In terms of that, Touchtainment is spreading internationally.

Cause & Prospect about Actual Condition

 John Naisbitt who is the future scholar in Unite State said that the future will be Hi-Touch age with not merely technique of the cutting edge but contact and sense in the twenty-first century.  In fact, people experienced technique of the cutting edge in the past.  However, they felt some insufficiency in the reality.  It would be the things like emotion between people.  Emotion between people doesn’t happen with cold machine.  So, people want to contact each other and it makes technique get ability of touch.  As a result, people can touch machine and work the machine through the touch.   However, people on the other side said that only such technique don’t solve original problems of people.  That is why people can cut off relationship with technique but can’t sever easily relationship with people.  So, it could reflect merely alterability and impromptu of relationship among the moderners.  In terms of that, as a result, Touch-Entertainment is only light event that can not satisfy basic desire of touch among the people.  The basic desire of touch happen people who want to assure their being.  The people are not specific people but common people.  When they want to assure their being through other being, people do touch others and form the relationship.  That time, the relationship is not one side but both sides.  However, relationship with machine is perfectly one side.  On the other words, even if touch-entertainment can satisfy shallow emotion, those can’t adequate real emotion.  Soon people will know such fact and feel shortage again.  If you want to feel really other being and assure yourself being, you should know the fact definitely.  At the moment, world will accomplish the real touchtainment not touchtainment of only machinein in the reality.

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