Korea, Challenge for Everything!
Korea, Challenge for Everything!
  • Lee Cho Myunghyun
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4.5 out of 5.  What is this number?  It is the lecture satisfaction of SMU students about one lecture.  This lecture’s heroine is Ida Daussy, who is famous as a French entertainer in Korea.  Compared with the points of other professors of SMU, which averages just three, this figure is very surprising.  The Sookmyung Times (SMT) met Ida Daussy (IDA), who is changing herself to a star professor successfully, and talked about her dreams and advice for Sookmyungians.


SMT  You are a professor in the Department of French Language & Culture at SMU.  Before, you were a very famous entertainer in Korea.  Why did you become SMU’s professor?

IDA  I did not come to Korea for becomingan entertainer.  My career as an entertainer happened by accident to me.  Before acting as an entertainer, I studied International Business at a university in France and was interested in Asia, especially Korea, so I came to Korea.  My plan was to experience for my desired jobs working at a company or association linking Korea and France.  However, by chance I became a Korean entertainer, so I couldn’t achieve it.  So at first, I refused the suggestion of teaching students at SMU because I thought that was just for teaching French, and it was not what I wanted to do.  However, I found out my lecture was about what I dreamed before, international marketing in Korea and France.  And now, because of my job, I can learn more things about my dream. 

SMT  But taking on new things is burdensome in some cases.  To overcome them, what did you do?

IDA  I think all the challenges each have synergy.  When I started as an entertainer, I was stressed about my part, like making audienceslaugh.  Because I came to Korea for studying and I had the academy prestige in my own way, it hurt my pride.  However, for my career as an entertainer, I could do what I wanted easily like I do now.  After becoming a professor, I was worried about students’ eyes because I thought they would take me lightly because I was an entertainer.  So I prepared my classes carefully, and it gave me great results in lecture satisfaction.  I think not only these cases, but also all around in our life, we should do our best without caring about what others think.

SMT  I heard you are interested in the Korean education system.  Korean students are stressed by many studies for getting jobs.  What do you think about this phenomenon in Korea compared with France?

IDA  While French students are active, Korean students are passive, so they just wait for something.  French students are independent from a young age and they do many things to be see themselves as special people.  But Korea students are not like that.  They are just waiting for some jobs to come to them easily.  Because of that, the Korean unemployment rate is higher.  I think Korean students should experience many things.  It is simple.  In my case,when I was a university student, I did part-time jobs like working in a factory and even cleaning the toilet!  It is a surprising thing in Korea, but in France, it is natural.  Students can know how our life is progressing through these.  I felt Korean students think if they have money, they don’t need these activities.  However, it is their parents’ money, not their money.  I think they have to know experience is just as important as academic prestige.

SMT  You said that when you came to Korea you were very surprised at Korean women’s roles.  It was because of the malefocused society.  Now after 20 years, what do you think of current Korean women?

IDA  Now, Korean women have a very important part in society.  Women can be Korea’s future.  However, I don’t believe in ‘Women Power’ and it is not the right answer in Korean society.  When I first came to Korea, I questioned girls about their dreams, and most of them said they wanted to marry.  They didn’t care about their careers.  However, everything has changed now.  Recently, women have various dreams like travel, jobs, or hobbies.  Half of lawyers, judges, and even politicians are women.  But I think this phenomenon is only in show.  Korean women want to be Gold Miss, which is a woman earning much money and being independent, and for becoming it, they think they don’t have to give birth to a baby and say they don’t need any men.  It is something worse.  In the 1970s, Feminism was popular in Europe.  Young women in that time insisted like current Korean women.  But now, those women, who are in their 50s and 60s, are alone.  They don’t have any family, and they are regretting their past.  And now, that phenomenon has regulated socially.  Women are close with men and they feel the preciousness of going together.  Current Korean women and European women in the 1970s are very similar.  Maybe in the next period in Korea it will be happening like this.  Because people can know through experience, it is just progressing necessarily.

SMT  As you said, you experienced many things before and after coming to Korea.  Based on your experience, could you give advice for Sookmyungians?

IDA  Have your own dream and throw afraid away.  Life can change in one chance.  Also, you should think you are special and act like that.  In Korea, people don’t like strong women, and this society is too hard on Korean women.  Therefore, most of women act mild because they don’t want to stand out.  However, the most important thing is acting differently, not standing out.  Also, I think when you become an essential age, to be independent is also great.  When I went to travel at your age, I spent my money, not my parents.  However, Korean students are not like that.  They use their parents’ money in their travel.  Earning can be a great experience, as I said.  For all these things, the mind that you can do anything is most important.


SMT  In conclusion, what is your final dream at SMU?

IDA  If I can help students, it is the biggest honor.  I want to give my students special hopes and new eyes.  I am doing three careers as professor, Korean-French company officer, and sometimes holding telethons.  They are a mysterious triangle to me.  So for them, I think I should not add something, and just go for it with doing these.  Doing my best in all my roles.  It’s my final dream.

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