Aloha Hawaii!
Aloha Hawaii!
  • Choi Jisu
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An Unpaved Road to a New Challenge
The Global Best Program which provided study in the University of Hawaii, required applications and interviews in order to choose students.  Two interviewers questioned each interviewee.  It was the first time for me to have an English interview in order to attend a school program, so I prepared some answers through predicting what they would ask me.  There were some questions that I was taken aback by, such as, “When was the hardest time for you in your life?”  And it got me worried that I wouldn’t get in.  However, thankfully, I got the text message that I was accepted.


The First Day in Hawaii
The first merit that I felt as soon as I arrived in Hawaii was the ability to go around with fellow students without any guides.  It may seem obvious but, I thought it had a different charm from the Global Cultural Exchange Program that I am to attend in the summer of 2013.  For example, the forty friends that seemed awkward during the orientation are now like family, as we toured the island after class.  Since the day we arrived in Hawaii was Friday, we took the weekend off and got instructions about the facilities and shuttle buses from school to our hotel on Monday.


School Life on the Island
The program was operated with the following schedule.  We started our classes at 8:15 a.m. at the University of Hawaii.  Each class lasted two hours, and for a month we had classes to enhance our English abilities in the language institute of the university.  For the remaining two hours, the classes had individual themes rather than English classes.  In the first week, we learned about Hawaii and their traditions.  For the next three weeks,
we had debate classes along with some keynote lectures sometimes.  At 12 p.m. the official classes end.  After that, the students are recommended to sit in on some classes. We were to send e-mails to the professors or the teacher’s assistants on order to ask for permission to participate in the classes with the students of the University of Hawaii.


Unforgettable Experiences from the Island
Sometimes, we did go shopping or go to the beautiful beaches.  Thanks to its availability, I could enjoy the island to its full extent, touring around everywhere from its beaches to its markets.  We also had the opportunity to experience a lot of leisure sports --such as scuba-diving-- and make a lot of local friends.  Of course, there are many activities that I have done in my free time, but the most memorable thing was scuba-diving.  While in Hawaii, we had a holiday called “Martin Luther King’s Day” which was the day my friend and I asked for a reservation to a scuba-diving company.  We had a fun time watching the dolphins pass by and swim in the emerald ocean.  During break time, we became friends with the captain, ate some apples in the boat cabin and danced along to the song Gangnam Style. 


What I Received Through the Global Best Program
Personally, I find the guarantee of personal hours another merit of the Global Best Program.  Through this time, I was able to see many things and experience a culture different from Korea. Most of all, I could speak English more fluently with confidence.  Before I went to Hawaii, I promised myself that I would meet many locals by talking to them in English rather than simply having a good time.  Thankfully, I had many chances to make friends, had many precious experiences, and went to many places.  Moreover, considering the fact that 24 days is not a short period of time, I thought it an unusual chance for me to be abroad in another country for nearly a month.  If there are some students who would be interested in the Global Best Program, I hope they keep this in mind : Have a good time in Hawaii, Aloha!

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