Win-win for All of Us, Flea market
Win-win for All of Us, Flea market
  • Kim Yoo Haeri
  • 승인 2013.05.07 14:51
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On April 10th, the Flea Market was held from 11:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. in the Queen Sunheon square, and on 11th in the Second Campus.  This bazaar was held under SMU and Minisum which is an Internet shopping mall selling secondhand products.  Many sellers came early in the morning and arranged their items in reserved areas.  As soon as the Flea Market started to sell their goods, every place was swarming with lots of Sookmyungians.  Park, Department of English’10, said, “It’s really fun to look around many different goods, like clothes, shoes, accessories, and even food at Queen Sunheon Square.  I bought one pack of rice wrapped in fried tofu, and it was delicious.” Many students and sellers enjoyed this bazaar, but there were complaints as well.  Seller Kim said on 11th, “This is my second time participating the Flea Market in SMU.  I came here with some clothes and shoes, but I think I should go back home now.  The sky is getting dark and the clouds are gathering.  It’s likely to rain.” Then, at about 3 p.m, there were sudden scattered showers, and a few sellers and students left the Square with disappointment.  After a while, however, as the sun arose higher and the weather became warmer, people gathered again, and the sellers and buyers could enjoy the Flea Market. 

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