Welcome to Chungpa Festival
Welcome to Chungpa Festival
  • Kim Yoo Haeri
  • 승인 2013.06.03 22:30
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 From May 29th to 31th, the school festival, Chungpa festival, was held on SMU.  During the festival, many events and programs were held by Student Council.  On the first day, there were some programs such as a clothing bazaar by Department of Clothing and Textiles, school clubs performances, and Superstar S.  And on 30th, Nivis, which is a cheerleading club of SMU performed in Queen Sunheon Square.  At night, singer 10cm and Yoo Seungwoo came to SMU and made Chungpa festival more exciting and joyful.  Kim Minhye, Division of Law'13, said, “It’s really fun to look around school events and I had many kinds of food like ice creams, hotdogs, and ice tea.  I am dying to see SMPA (Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency) Public Relations Team at night.”  However, there was a dissatisfaction with the students’ attitudes.  Lee, Division of Computer science'12, said, “I sold liquor and food with my club members, but some students took away our food and lots of spoons without our permission.  I think students need to have a sense of responsibility and we’ll take care of our things well next time.”  Many Sookmyungians and even other university students participated in Chungpa festival, and the festival was glow with students’ youthful enthusiasm.

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