My Journey, Starting...
My Journey, Starting...
  • Yoo Kim Juhee
  • 승인 2013.09.08 14:26
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A new semester has started.  What did you do over the holiday?  Compared to others, university students have relatively long vacations.  As a result, many students set off on trips to enjoy their youth and find meanings to life.  I also went travelled with my friends.  Travelling always causes me to get lost in my thoughts. 

A journey cannot be stopped once it is started.  Although it may be scheduled perfectly, it is impossible to be sure how it will end.  During the trip, people make mistakes and meet unexpected incidents that take them off their planned route.  However, these things end up providing more memories or guiding us to more splendid consequences. 
Our whole life is like a long journey.  How’s your trip so far?  Do you think you are travelling the wrong way or confronting obstacles?  You may not be where you want at the moment but soon you will get there.  Last semester, you may have made some mistakes or were unsatisfied, but start fresh again this semester.  Before you know it, you will be back on your path. 

The Sookmyung Times has been a long trip for me.  I commenced my journey with the magazine at the start of my university life, and now I am starting again as editor-in-chief with colleagues and reporters.  I cannot predict how this journey with the Times will go, but I do know that I will make the most of it to achieve beautiful results.  Be with the Sookmyung Times and see where the journey takes you.


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