Job Competence School during Students’ Vacation
Job Competence School during Students’ Vacation
  • Lee Yi Yerim / Reporter
  • 승인 2013.09.08 14:39
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From July 15th to 25th, the Career Development Center opened a Job Competence School for students in third and fourth year as well as for graduate students.  Held in Veritas Building, classes were divided according to tasks such as Marketing, Planning and so on.  Students were allowed to select two from the four classes offered.  One staff member from the Career Development Center said, “The annual Job Competence School helps students to better understand corporate operating systems.  It is valuable to students because most students lack practical information and have vague plans on which career they desire.”  Actual members of each department from various industries serve as lecturers.  The class in general gives students certain tasks related to the subject matter as well as training on what to do.  They are also given information on what will be expected of them when they are employed as new recruits.  As well as the training, students earn a school credit, which appears on the school transcript as ‘Career Developing Training.’  Shin Yookyung, Division of Economics ’10 said, “I signed up for classes mainly out of curiosity, but overall I think the classes were all educational and practical.”  The Job Competence School is held annually every summer and winter vacation.

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