Forget the Summer Heat with SISS!
Forget the Summer Heat with SISS!
  • Koo Kim Gyohyun
  • 승인 2013.09.08 23:08
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From July to August, Sookmyung International Summer School (SISS) was held twice.  SISS is conducted annually by the International Exchange Team and provides lectures and activities for students regardless of nationality.  The coordinator of SISS said, “It is our hope that at SISS, students from all nationalities and ethnicities enjoy Korea’s unique atmosphere, satisfying the demands of the century.” SISS I was held July 1st to 22nd and provided lectures on various areas by faculty members from partner universities throughout the world.  On the other hand, SISS II, which ran from August 1st to 22nd, emphasized one particular subject relating to Korea such as learning Taekwondo or Hangul.  Matsunaga Kinya, from Japan, said, “I joined this program because of my great interest in K-POP.  It was really interesting learning Poomsae.”  Participants also visited the National Museum, toured a broadcasting station, and enjoyed a showing of Nanta accompanied by students from the leadership group, United Relationships for Internationalization to fully experience Korean culture.  Through this annually offered summer school, Sookmyung comes one step closer to becoming truly international.

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