No More Worries
No More Worries
  • Yoo Kim Juhee
  • 승인 2013.10.02 22:15
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It’s already October and midterms are right around the corner.  During midterms, many students often experience an increase in worries.  They continuously revolve in your mind and disturb concentration on important things.  Examine carefully the flood of worries you have right now.  Are they really necessary? 

According to an experiment carried out in the USA, people have average fifty to sixty thousand worries a day.  Yet, it has been found that over 90% of them are “useless concerns.”  Moreover, 90% of those useless concerns are the same thoughts one had the previous day.  In other words, people repeat the same useless worries again and again.  On the bright side, however, only 10% of our worries are needed and useful.  All we have to do is paying attention to these 10% to succeed and forget about the other 90%. 

Every day, I also have all sorts of worries, from minor worries like “what if it rains” to serious worries like “what am I going to do for living.”  They numb my brain and I know that my worrying doesn’t really help me in life.  At this time of your life, you may also be experiencing lots of daily worries regarding your past, present, and future.  Most of them are likely wastes of time.  How about concentrating on those meaningful 10% and remind yourself that most of your concerns are unnecessary?

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