Past Meets Present
Past Meets Present
  • Kim Lee Hyunmin
  • 승인 2020.03.27 17:37
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For several years now, vintage fashion has been popular, and traditional places like Gyeongju have become hot spots. Following this trend, retro-concept cafés have emerged. Also, the drama <Reply> series has stirred up viewers’ memories by reenacting the era perfectly. Like these, past memories are loved by lots of people because the memories are precious and people long for those times. Sometimes, people recall their past days, from big events to trivial things. People are nostalgic for things and times. For me, the past only reminds me of unfilled time. Nonetheless, I also have some very fond memories. The fondest memories I have are my high school days when I was happiest and studied the hardest. Studying all day and night was hard, and the idea that just one exam could change the course of my future was a heavy burden. However, I was happy with my friends. We sometimes enjoyed watching soccer games during the evening hours when we should have been studying in the study hall. At weekends, it was fun to escape out the back gate of the school to enjoy an early lunch. Whether the memory is happy or sad, it remains a big part of us. Looking back, everything is precious. Recalling times of hardship, I am reminded of why I suffered the challenges and underwent depression, but I also think about what I did to overcome them. Reflecting on my happier days, I once again feel the energy of the past. With lessons learnt from the past, I try to be a better person. Whenever I make a mistake, I make a mental note and try to avoid making the same mistake twice. Whenever I succeed, I encourage myself with the thought that I had the courage and strength to go on to success in the past. It is rewarding to think of the past myself, and how I have become a better person.
Past meets present. Everyone lives in the boundary between the past and the present. As one human being to another, living in the boundary, I want to say to all that it is a blessing to live and develop between the past and the present. You guide your life, using the past for the present, so Sookmyungians, remind yourself of the past and move forward in the present. 

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