Starlight in Seoul
Starlight in Seoul
  • Kim Lee Hyunmin
  • 승인 2020.05.01 09:50
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I grew up in Nowon, a corner of Seoul. Nowon has seen enormous development and has transformed itself into a wantless district of Seoul, but whenever I think of Nowon with its sea of apartments, I overcome with a feeling of togetherness. In the past, trains rolled into Nowon along railroad tracks, and pedestrians waited for the trains to pass before cross the tracks. Today, those railroad tracks no longer see trains and have become mere walkways. A number of people have nicknamed Nowon, the country side of Seoul. It was a small city, but I loved my area of Seoul. However, I left Seoul just before entering high school. It was hard to adjust to my new residence. I didn’t know anyone, nor did I know my way about the area. I longed for my life in Seoul, especially Nowon where I had lived up to that point in my life. The day I knew I must return to Seoul was the day I attended a music concert held in Seoul. At the end of the concert, I took a night bus home. Riding on the bus, I didn’t sleep. Instead as the bus travelled along the Olympic Highway, I stared out the window at the night view of Seoul that glistened like the Milky Way. Seoul was full of lights from its countless buildings, apartments, and cars. I wanted to be part of the light.
Fortunately, I became a student of Sookmyung Women’s University and started life in Seoul again. I was glad to be a part of Sookmyung and Seoul. Time passed quickly in my new life. Over time, beautiful night view of the Seoul faded in my eyes. At one point, I seriously contemplated transferring to other university. My parents reminded me that I was the one who wanted to attend a university in Seoul, and then suggested transferring to the national university in front of our home. The main reason I wanted to transfer was because of my bad health, but I was also exhausted from the busy life in Seoul. I longer for the bright lights in Seoul, but I thought my life didn't shine like the lights. The light of Seoul no longer seems beautiful. Others around me are also not shining brightly, but have, like myself, become faint flickering lights. Nevertheless, I struggle through the dim light and wait expectantly for the day we all shine brightly again in a happy life.

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