Preparing for the Digital Marketing Era
Preparing for the Digital Marketing Era
  • Na Cho Seongah
  • 승인 2020.12.01 10:00
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From November 6 to 27, a digital marketing data analysis program using Google Analytics was conducted online. It was a career-linked program hosted by Sookmyung's College of Economics & Business Administration, which was open to anyone interested in digital marketing based on data analysis. The program consisted of watching prerecorded classes and about two hours of offline classes for a total of three sessions. Since the program included prerecorded lectures, no limit was placed on student enrollment. All three lectures were conducted by Professor Kim Mijung. During the first session, she lectured on the basics of digital marketing. In particular, Kim stressed that digital marketing techniques have changed since the beginning of the digital era. Thus, in the digital marketing era, web analysis is of utmost importance. Students who participated in this program learned web analysis techniques through Google Analytics. The second session of the program began with creation of a website, and was all hands-on practice. Because it was a recorded lecture, students were able to acquire needed skills at their own pace. This lecture included how to use basic filters for web analysis, internal search word tracking descriptions, and channel optimization. Students also learned how to analyze and interpret graphs. Participants were instructed to find an optimized customer group on the website provided and then analyze the group. In the third session, Google Analytics allowed participants to learn the concepts and processes needed before starting analysis activities. This SMT reporter, who is not a Business Administration major, was able to understand the concepts and the analysis process easily from the lectures. During the hands-on exercise, students were able to e-mail the lecturer to ask questions when they didn't understand. Thanks to the digital marketing data analysis program using Google Analytics, students were able to cultivate qualities necessary for the digital customized marketing era.

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