Effective Ways To Learn With Fellow Sookmyungians
Effective Ways To Learn With Fellow Sookmyungians
  • Kwon Jung Eunseo
  • 승인 2021.03.01 09:58
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Screenshot from SNOWAY
Announcement of 'Learning Community Study Group ONE&HAK


Last semester, Sookmyung Women's University recruited participants for its 'Learning Community Study Group ONE' and 'Learning Community Study Group Hak' programs. The 'Study Group ONE' program is a learning activity in which students in the program selected their own learning goals such as earning certificates or acquiring a language. The 'Study Group Hak' program, on the other hand, had participants help each other with course work. Fellow enrollees in courses helped each other to master the class content. Over the semester, 58 groupings were part of 'Study Group ONE', and 56 student groups joined 'Study Group Hak'. The program required participants to submit an interim report that included video conference photos as proof of activities and completion of a set documentation. The program operated throughout the entire semester. Prior to starting, students were asked to complete a self-evaluation survey that could be used to examine personal growth and development over the semester. At the end of the semester, participation rewards were given to various groups for outstanding work. The best program group submitted the video clip 'Learning Community' at the end of the semester. The conference from the Department of Business Administration, had also joined the 'Learning Community Study Group ONE' program. Students examined data for a research project and shared their findings. They also discussed the presentation topics of other groups. After watching the various contest videos submitted to the contest, students discussed the video content and gained information and knowledge about their major. One anonymous group member said, "It was too bad that we couldn't get together to carry out the study face-to-face because of COVID-19, but this program allowed me to learn many things with group members online. It was a meaningful activity." COVID-19 had meant that it is difficult to meet and study together in person, but programs like these provide a platform that allows students to study together.

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