Beginning of HULT PRIZE at Sookmyung
Beginning of HULT PRIZE at Sookmyung
  • Kim Lee Hyunmin
  • 승인 2021.03.01 09:58
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On November 28, 2020, the HULT PRIZE competition was at Sookmyung Women's University. HULT PRIZE is a global startup competition organized by the Hult Prize Foundation and sponsored by the UN. The competition challenges university students from around the world to solve social problems through a business perspective. It is comprised of four steps: individual university competition stage, regionals, semi final stage named 'accelerator', and the final UN stage. A team that has won their university competition stage level qualifies for regionals. The final stage is the UN competition, which has teams from campuses around the world compete against each other. The theme for the 2020 HULT PRIZE was 'Food for Good'. Under the idea of "Transforming food into a vehicle for change", teams should discuss food as both a necessity for life but also as a means for human prosperity. Nam Siyeon, director of the HULT PRIZE Sookmyung competition stage, said, "I appreciate all teams for their hard work throughout the completion and bearing through the harsh 2020 circumstances because of COVID-19. Furthermore, I hope that the competition continues annually so that more students have the chance to compete." While the competition is typically held on campus, in 2020 it was held virtually through Zoom. Five teams joined the competition and presented their ideas. Judges included Kyu-Dong Kim, professor of Entrepreneurship, Kim Namwook, CEO of KIAA, and Kim Bit-Nuri, a certified management consultant. The competition lasted four hours, and team 'GLA' was awarded top prize for Sookmyung. GLA reminded the audience of the seriousness of food waste and proposed various solutions to manage the problem. One member of GLA said, "We worked hard but never expected to win. It was an excellent opportunity to learn about this and other social issues." GLA has now earned a place in the regional competition.

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