3,2,1 Click!
3,2,1 Click!
  • Na Cho Seongah
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People visit photo studios for various reasons including taking family portraits, to create lasting memories with pets, and to celebrate an anniversary. Nowadays, if people try searching #selfstudio on Instagram. They will encounter about 190,000 posts. The majority of people posting photos with that hashtag use a remote control to take the photo. This reporter had wondered why they are holding the remote control in their pictures. SMT reporters travelled to a slightly different photo studio from the ones that typically come to mind. 



Take a photo of myself 

People might have come across the photo booth "Four Cuts of Life (Insaengnekeot)" while walking on the street. The booth size easily fits three to four people. Nowadays, the MZ generation enjoys taking and printing pictures from photo booths. They view it as a way of making memories and having fun. According to a Chosun Ilbo article, Han Seungjae, managing director of "Four Cuts of Life", said, "Customers seem to approach the photo studio as a sort of playground, something beyond just a photo-taking space." The trend, then, among the younger generation is to have fun taking photos. Self-studio is an extension of the photo booth, and it has become trendy recently. Imagine a photo studio in your head. The first images that come to mind are the photographer and the camera. However, self-studio has no photographer taking one's photo. In the absence of a photographer, the person must press the shutter button themselves. For this reason, all self-studio pictures show the individual holding a remote control. Once people are ready to take a picture, they press the remote control button connected to the DSLR camera, which activates the shutter. they can repeat this process until they are satisfied with their pose.
Since there is no photographer, the individual is free to take photos without any pressure. However, taking a photo without the help of an expert is not easy. So, there is always a staff photographer who can help us when you need to. That is one of the reasons people are visiting self-photo studios these days. SMT reporters also visited a self-studio to take pictures of themselves. There is one self photo studio near Sookmyung Women's University. SMT reporters chose this shop because of its convenient location. The studio is located at Sangsu Station. To get here from Sookmyung Women's University, take Line 6 from Hyochang Park and get off at Sangsu Station. From there, walk straight for about four minutes from Exit 3, and you will find the place easily. Since there is no billboard sign attached to the outside of the building, SMT reporters recommend people use a map application. Seeing a white piece of paper with the words "Take Yourself", these reporters entered and headed up to the second floor of the white building. This studio requires pre-registration, so do not forget to make a reservation on the studio site prior to going. Also, these reporters should arrive at the studio about 10 minutes before reservation time. SMT reporters knocked on the door and a staff member came out to meet and guided them the rest of the way.




Saving memories in photos 

Before beginning, these reporters had to decide whether to take black and white or color photos. SMT reporters opted for black and white because it looks neater. However, if you and your companion are dressed in harmonious colored attire, it might be good to opt for a color photo. SMT reporters chose black and white because the reporters were wearing clashing colors. There is also freedom to choose whether to shoot the picture horizontally or vertically. At first, SMT reporters took vertical images, but changed to horizontal soon. All of these matters can be chosen freely. 30 minutes was given to take self-pictures using a remote control. Thirty minutes may seem like a long time, but the time passed incredibly fast. Reporters predetermined their pose but were soon at a loss when standing in front of the camera at the studio. Luckily, the reporters can take many shots, so strike as many poses as you want knowing that among them will be one you will like. Reporters were also allowed to take photos using the props provided by the studio. The studio's long white chair seemed to be a hot ticket item there. Reporters recommend use of the chair if people wish to make poses variously.
In addition to being able to use the chair, there are flowers, hats, and headbands, which make taking photos even more memorable with your family, friends, and sweethearts. There is no limit to the number of photographs that visitors take during their 30 minutes session. SMT reporters spent the time relaxed and free, changing their poses and the composition of each picture taken. Once the photo session is complete, the staff photographer at the studio sends all shots.  These reporters selected two shots, and the photographer edited and sent the edited shots to the mail the next day. You will not have a photographer with you to take the pictures, but there is a staff who will guide you and later edit two photos you select for editing.  




Pictures make clear memories 

People are sometimes uncomfortable taking pictures at the studio. However, at a self-studio, people take photos at their own pace, with their own poses and compositions they want. Today a machine, without the use of a photographer, at Four Cuts of Your Life, and other self-studios found on many main roads, allow people to visit a studio without any heavy burden or pressure. How about going to take photos with others to create precious memories and have them printed? Self-studio visits are a must for anyone wanting to create new memories in a freer environment. 

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