Find Your Style
Find Your Style
  • Sang Lim Hyeji, Choi Song Bojeong
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There are many ways to express oneself, with fashion being one of them. Fashion serves as a tool to reveal an individual's identity or values. Actually, Miuccia Prada Bianchi, the head designer of PRADA, said, "The clothes I wear are the one way I reveal myself to the world." Some want to express themselves through colorful clothes, and others want to express themselves through comfortable clothes. As such, people dress in their own styles and live their lives according to their own styles.




"You are beautiful as it is."
-Kim Sunah


<Super Fashion, Super Life (2011)>

It's Monday, and her dream ends on this day. She had worked as a designer, her dream job, for a fashion company for several years but resigned and got a new job as a fashion content director. Some people laugh at her for failing, but she thinks she has instead acquired time to get to know herself. It's Tuesday, and she spends her time building her career. There is a lot to learn as she created a new job that didn't exist, and while talking with her clients, she finds solutions to problems. She goes shopping on Wednesday, which ultimately helps her career. And on Thursday, she redefines beauty in her own way. She realizes that her current appearance is beautiful enough and spends time productively on self-management. It's Friday, the last day of the week, and she spends her free time doing what she has wanted to do. Her weekdays go like this. She spends each day like this and learns her style of dealing with various things in life. Then, what will happen at the weekend? And what other fashion style will she pursue, and furthermore, what kind of lifestyle will she follow?



The author of this book is Kim Sunah, the first fashion content director in Korea, also known as "SUPERSUN." Therefore, readers can read a professional perspective on fashion in the process of reading this book. SUPERSUN naturally shows her daily life by writing a book in the form of a diary and introduces her fashion philosophies through various anecdotes in daily life. Her fashion philosophies are classified into seven keywords: myself, career, shopping, beauty, play, love, inspiration, which she applies to her own lifestyle as well. Therefore, readers can get advice on life as well as fashion through this book. For example, SUPERSUN talks about the importance of self-esteem. She tells readers to find their own styles by focusing on themselves rather than being overly obsessed with the trends that everyone else is looking for. In addition, the author of the book reveals her experience of failure honestly, and the difficult moments that anyone can face in life are utilized as materials. These help readers to understand a number of tips that are realistically helpful. Readers can learn an effective way to find a style that truly represents them through this book, especially those readers who sense the gap between idealism and reality will be able to use this book as a kind of therapy.

OFFICIAL POSTER OF<The Devil Wears Prada>



"You want this life; Choices are necessary."
-Miranda Priestly


<The Devil Wears Prada (2006)>

Andrea goes to New York to achieve her dream of becoming a reporter. Unfortunately, she gets rejected by most publications until finally she gets a job at the top fashion magazine 'Runway' as the secretary of Miranda, the editor-in-chief. The job is rumored to be so difficult that most previous employees haven't lasted a month. To make matters worse, the company is alien to Andrea who is not interested in fashion. It is a place full of colorful clothes and fashionable staff, so Andrea, who usually doesn't care about her style, is ignored by other employees for being tacky. One day, Nigel, who works in the dressing room, gives Andrea some clothes to wear and, the next day, people who see Andrea in the borrowed clothes change their attitude, and then Andrea's eyes are opened to the world of fashion. Afterward, she is recognized by Miranda, mingles with many people, and attends parties. Unwittingly, her old friendships start to suffer as her life moves away from theirs. The old Andrea is no more. What will happen to her?

SCREENSHOT OF <The Devil Wears Prada>



<The Devil Wears Prada> is a movie that anyone who likes fashion has watched at least once. To look at the colorful fashion of the characters is fascinating. Also, Miranda Priestley, the magazine's editor-in-chief, immerses viewers even more in the fictional world. She works in a dream place, and has her perfect job. Although she is always strict with herself as well as others, she is a person that everyone admires. Oftentimes, successful women are regarded as "greedy women." However, her character in the movie is a "leader" who successfully leads the fashion magazine 'Runway.' So, this movie is worth watching just for showing the image of a female leader at that time. Whether you have watched the movie or not, if you watch it from this perspective, it will make you look at the world in a new way.


Sang Lim Hyeji / Editor-in-Chief
Choi Song Bojeong / Culture Section Editor

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