I Want to Know Your Character
I Want to Know Your Character
  • Kim Seol Yunha
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I Want to Know Your Character1)

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) was originally developed due to the outbreak of World WarII. In 1944, women started to enter the industries previously dominated by male workers due to insufficient man power and increasing demands from the military industry. As a result, the MBTI test was developed to identify personality types and match them with the most suitable job eliminating wasted time in trial and error. The MBTI test is divided into 16 characteristics and reflects one's current character. Therefore, as people get older, things change, and their mood changes, the results can change too. Meanwhile, 80% extroversion and 20% introversion are also extroversion E types, and 55% extroversion and 45% introversion are the same extroversion E types. Even if the degree of extroversion is different, it results in the same MBTI, so there is no 100% accord result. It only represents a more dominant tendency between the two types. The MBTI has existed for a long time, but it began to become popular in 2020 with COVID-19. Lee Donggwi, a psychology professor at Yonsei University, said, "It is a basic human instinct to understand oneself through evaluation, but it has become difficult in a non-face-to-face society." So, the MBTI has been easily shared through social media and has the effect of enhancing self-understanding.
In this way, the MBTI is used not only to show the personality of individuals but also used in many fields, especially companies. The desire to know oneself accurately can be achieved through the MBTI, and it is possible to judge others too. A representative case of conflict between MBTI types within an organization is the conflict between IS (Intrinsic Sensory) and EN (Outgoing Intuitive). Since these two types have different ways of handling their work, conflicts can arise when they meet within an organization. Therefore, it is necessary to know the differences and communication points between IS and EN. Many companies use the MBTI for HR, and they identify tools to understand the MZ generation or the MBTI types of new employees and use them in the development of coaching methods suitable for each type such as the disparity between IS and EN. However, there are also voices of concern over the popularization of the MBTI. Because of the commercialization of the MBTI, people can easily become prejudiced against others due to their MBTI. In fact, on February 21st, Suhyup Bank asked job applicants to "introduce your MBTI type and its strengthsand weaknesses." in their self-introduction letter. In response, Lim Myungho, a professor of psychology at Dankook University, said, "Even if the reliability problem of the existing MBTI is solved, it should not be used for applicants' approval and approval should not cause division by individual tendencies." Although MBTI is an easy way to introduce an individual, people should not be judged by this. As COVID-19 is continuing, the MBTI, which can easily show a person's character, is being widely used by the public, but the MBTI also shows that a personality can change among the 16 types at any time.


1) Bae Jeonghwan, "Communicate with the MBTI and MZ Generation and Use It to Resolve Organizational Conflicts", The Kyungsang Ilbo, July 5, 2021

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