Take a Look Around
Take a Look Around
  • Park Sung Iyoung
  • 승인 2022.06.03 10:43
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Hello, it is now June when the semester is drawing to close. Now the hot air makes my forehead sweat. In the hot weather, the clothes of the students walking around campus have also become lighter.
As I started my first face-to-face classes this semester, I went to school often. After taking the subway for about an hour, I have to walk for another 10 minutes from Sookmyung University Station to get to school. Commuting to school is boring and tiring, but I can see more people and scenery, so on the other hand it is a meaningful time. One day, on my way home from class, I saw an old woman who had hurt her leg getting on the subway. She slowly boarded the train, using crutches, while others around her were moving fast. As soon as she got on, the door closed quickly behind her. She leaned back against the wall and took a breath in exhaustion. At that moment, I realized that enough time for me could be short for someone else. I also felt that I should pay more attention to my surroundings. I thought I understood the world well by watching the news. But the real world that I experienced contained more things that could not be fully expressed in writing. My indifference created by the excuse of being busy may have made someone else lethargic.
Everything always starts with a little attention. As these little interests accumulate, they become a huge influence. "Always pay attention to school and things around you." This is one of the mottos of The Sookmyung Times. As a citizen and a reporter for a university newspaper, I will become more attuned to the things around me. And I hope the articles in The Sookmyung Times will help you notice your surroundings. This issue is the last publication of the first semester. Have a good summer vacation, and let's meet again when the autumn wind comes. Take care!

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