Sookmyung Global Lecture: Don't Give Up Your Dream
Sookmyung Global Lecture: Don't Give Up Your Dream
  • Kang Kim Hyojung
  • 승인 2022.11.04 09:52
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The 2022 Sookmyung Global Lecture was held on September 19. This lecture was not only for students but also professors and faculty members through SNOWAY. It was conducted face-to-face at the Snowflake Square Hall with online access provided through Zoom. The Sookmyung Global Lecture is a program for Sookmyungians who want to listen to a lecture by global leaders working in various fields. This time the guest speaker was Yumi Hogan, the first Korean-American First Lady of a state in the United States. Yumi Hogan is the wife of Larry Hogan, the governor of Maryland, and is also known as an artist. She works hard for the protection of human rights and runs an art therapy program called 'Yumi CARES' for pediatric patients and cancer patients. The lecture was titled "If We Were A Gift For Each Other," which is also the title of her autobiography. She began by telling the story of her difficult life as an immigrant in the United States. She said she emigrated to the U.S. to study art despite her difficult circumstances and made a family there. Although she had difficulty raising a child alone after her divorce, she didn't give up her dream of becoming an artist. Furthermore, she relayed the message to always challenge yourself and never lose hope. She also explained that rather than living a comfortable life as a first lady, she wanted to help the socially disadvantaged and get to know people. One anonymous student who took this lecture said, "It felt like a unique approach to leadership — being friendly, not rigid or serious. In the future, I want to be a leader who demonstrates this kind of leadership. Also, the lecture, whose message was not to give up one's dream even if it is hard, inspired me." More information on Yumi Hogan's lecture as well as the next global lecture can be found on the SNOWAY website.

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