Giant Healing from Knitting Giant Yarn
Giant Healing from Knitting Giant Yarn
  • Park Gil Yeonseo, Yoon Kim Eunji
  • 승인 2022.12.02 10:16
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In the cold winter, there is calm music and a warm stove inside the home. When a girl sits on a fluffy chair in front of a stove and squeezes the cozy thread using each finger, the worries and stress that bother her disappear. And in the blink of an eye, her only winter bag in the world is completed. This cute and bouncy knitted bag is the most therapeutic item for those of us who suffer in the winter. That giant yarn bag: let's make it together!



The charms of knitting

The giant yarn bag, which is popular on social media these days, is a knitted bag that is good for winter use. It is made of giant yarn, the typical yarn for finger knitting. Giant yarn is a large, woolen yarn of thumb-sized thickness filled with cotton. Giant yarn bags made from this yarn are characterized by their fluffy and cute appearance and are especially suitable for winter. In addition, the surface of this thread is generally fabric, so it can be used in seasons other than winter. A separate tool such as a needle is not needed because the giant yarn is literally thick and only hands are needed for finger knitting. So, the advantage is that even beginners can easily try it without any stress.
It is said that winter is the season of knitting. As it is a hobby that can be done at home in the cold weather, knitting is a particularly popular hobby in winter. The reason may be that when people use warm wool, our bodies and minds also become comfy and cozy. Various things such as hats, scarves, and miscellaneous accessories can be made with any color and texture they want, and they can be awesome presents for the people around us. The biggest reason why knitting is therapeutic is that it can eliminate distracting thoughts. The act of weaving yarn by hand relieves stress and refreshes emotions. That's why knitting is a typical component of various stress-relief activities. The calm atmosphere formed while knitting helps people recuperate effectively. Moreover, when people are under a lot of stress, they often become lethargic, and in this case, knitting is perfect for recharging and motivation. While knitting, people can feel a great sense of accomplishment whenever they complete a piece and want to create something else. In addition, knitting allows us to create something unique. For example, if you make a knitted bag, you can complete different bags depending on each detailed element, such as the tension of the thread and the size and length of the bag, and its handle.


Knitting freely

From blankets to cushions to bags, all types of giant yarn work can be completed easily in a day. The SMT reporters, who were making their first giant yarn pieces, decided to make giant yarn bags in several sizes. Before making the giant yarn bag, choosing the type and color of yarn you would like to knit with is important. The yarn is mainly divided into two types: velvet and regular. As for colors, white, beige, gray, sky blue, pink, and lavender are popular. You can knit by mixing two or more colors, or just one color. The SMT reporters chose a regular clean white yarn that is reminiscent of white snow. Most yarn is sold in units of 1 kg, and 2 mini bags or 1 large bag can be made with 1 kg of yarn. To make 4 bags, including a cross bag, a tote bag, and a shoulder bag, it is recommended to prepare 2 yarns of 1 kg each. Various ways to make the bags can be easily found on blogs or YouTube. If it is your first time knitting a bag, it is easier to follow along on YouTube than a blog.
The bags can be made in a similar way, and with a little application of the method, a variety of bags can be made. First, make a knot to make a stitch, leaving a length of about 10 cm of yarn. Repeat the same stitch in a chain-stitch way. These stitches will form the bottom of the bag, and the number of stitches determines the size of the bag. Most mini bags are made in stitches of 5~7 and to make a large bag, 8~10 is recommended. After making the bottom, it's time to make the side of the bag. Make a stitch by inserting the yarn into each knot the same as the shape of the last stitch at the bottom. If you made 6 knots at the bottom, the sides of the bag should also have 6 stitches each. To remember the location of the first stitch, it is recommended to mark it with a hair tie or a pin. The first row of the bag is completed after one round of stitches. In the same way, you can construct the rows of the bag to your desired size. Cute mini bags can have 6 rows, and 8 to 10 rows can be used for a long bag. Since the rows of stitches are on the inner side of the bag, turn the bag over after stacking about 3 or 4 rows to make the bag while looking at the shape of the bag. After completing the rows, it's time to finish the bag and make the strap. From the stitch marked with a hair tie, which is right next to the last stitch, insert the remaining yarn into the stitches next to it. Since it is the top part of the bag that is clearly visible, pull the yarn hard to make it tight. Finally, make the strap of the bag. The strap will be attached to each side of the angled part of the bag. You can make the strap by knitting in a chain-stitch way on one side with the same pattern on both sides. For a shoulder bag, about 25 chains are made, and for a cross bag 50. Now, here is a tip to make the bag look tight and pretty. To make a solid bag, check the shape so that the direction of the yarn is constant, and check the size and distance of the stitches. Last but not least, don't be afraid to fail! The yarn is strong, so you can untie it several times and start it again.


Warm memories with soft yarn

As the weather starts to get colder and winter approaches, many people look for hobbies that can be enjoyed indoors rather than activities that they enjoy outdoors. The DIY hobby of making warm scarves and hats in various patterns is very popular. Now, making giant yarn bags that are thick and solid is beloved by knitters. SMT recommends it as it does not take long to make and can be done while chatting with friends and family in a snug place. This winter, how about knitting a giant yarn bag and making cozy memories with your loved ones?


Park Gil Yeonseo / Society Section Editor
Yoon Kim Eunji / Woman Section Editor 

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