With a Big Dream, Into a Big World
With a Big Dream, Into a Big World
  • Jung Nam Chaehee
  • 승인 2023.03.03 09:51
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A global capacity-strengthening program


As the pandemic situation is getting better, interest in overseas employment is gradually increasing. In line with this trend, SMWU has prepared a global capacity-strengthening program. The program was held over two days on Jan 16 and 17 and all students, including graduates, could participate. Students were able to apply for the program through SNOWAY and the lectures were conducted through online real-time Zoom. The program was divided into two categories with America and Asia on the 16th, and Europe and the Middle East on the 17th. The instructor started the lecture by introducing why specific continents are popular in the overseas job market. After this, there was an explanation of the difference from domestic employment. The instructor emphasized that career development is the most important thing in overseas employment. She said that if you are preparing to get a job abroad, you should first think about how to have expertise in the field, and then focus on the career field you want to advance into. Next, the job situation and national policies on overseas employment were explained for each continent including Europe and the Middle East. In the case of Europe, the instructor explained that there are fewer jobs than the high demand and European countries do not easily give foreign work visas to guarantee jobs for their citizens. Then, there was an explanation of the Middle East in which she explained that software technology is especially highly valued there. In addition, the lecturer introduced websites and programs to find overseas employment information. After completing the lecture, there was Q&A time so that students could ask various questions about overseas employment. An anonymous Sookmyungian who participated in the lecture said, "I had a dream to get a job abroad, and I was able to specify my goal through this lecture. I need to find out more about the visas and job sites that the lecturer introduced." In addition, it gave a chance to students to think deeply about the career path for overseas employment.

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