How to Improve the Quality of Report Assignments
How to Improve the Quality of Report Assignments
  • Kim Park Yeonhoo
  • 승인 2023.09.04 09:53
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Education on the use of academic information in the library


​​​​​​​On July 25, Sookmyung Women's University Library held an online lecture called "The Reference is in my Hand! How to Use RefWorks." Librarian Han Ji-young, who conducted the lecture, explained how to manage references with RefWorks in four sections. In the first section, the five citation styles of references were introduced. She then explained about RefWorks, saying that it is difficult for students to recognize complex citation styles, so it is beneficial to use the capabilities of reference tools. Also, RefWorks can systematically organize and manage references on one site and is available free of charge at SMWU. The second section provides a live demonstration of how to navigate RefWorks' menu. Students were able to follow along with their own RefWorks account after learning how to create one. Through RefWorks, students can save the data from the papers they find in one folder using the "My Folder" function. In addition, through the "sharing" function, students can easily share the materials they find with others. She emphasized that this is useful for students working on team projects to conduct data surveys together. In the third section, she demonstrated the thesis site and explained how to collect data through RefWorks. It was helpful as she showed those sites frequently used by students such as RISS and DBPIA. In the fourth section, she explained how to create a bibliography in one's desired citation style, using 'the Create a bibliography' function. It helps students to mark citations easily and accurately when writing reports and papers. After the lecture, Seo Soo-Jung, a student in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering '22, said, "It was beneficial to get to know useful information not only for college life but also for writing papers or reports. It was very helpful to easily obtain information that is difficult to access by oneself." Through this lecture, students will be better able to write high-quality report assignments due to learning how to effectively utilize academic information.  

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