Moving Back to the 2000s!
Moving Back to the 2000s!
  • Kim Park Yeonhoo
  • 승인 2023.09.04 09:53
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Please explain to our readers about your style using Y2K items.

I like the style that gives off a vintage feel. In line with the trend of Y2K, I often coordinate my vintage items with hip items. When I dress in this style, I feel freer. So, I wanted this style to look like Y2K with a white sleeveless top and wide capri pants. The styling point is that there's a corsage around the neck to avoid looking too plain. Also, I adjust the feeling of my clothes depending on the place I'm going to. I went to Haebangchon wearing this outfit, so I matched it with a safari hat and leather accessories to give off a hippie mood there. The Prada bag is also from the 90s, so this coordination adds a vintage feeling.


If you have your own styling process using Y2K items, please share it with our readers.

If you use accessories, it's good to coordinate with the feeling of Y2K. For example, I usually wear vintage styles of hats, bags, and bracelets that match the coordination of the day. With small items, you can get a vintage mood outfit without too much difficulty. Also, by purchasing vintage clothes with an atmosphere similar to those in your closet, you can wear them more flexibly while reducing the probability of purchase failure. I think it's important to harmonize because Y2K can seem excessive. To give you a tip, if you're wearing pants that stand out in color or are over-designed, you can match them with a monotonous T-shirt and shoes that blend in with the overall color.


1. Top / Partimento Women / 38,000 won

2. Pants / vintage shop / 54,000 won

3. Socks / Mischief / Unknown

4. Backpack / Prada / 2,700,000 won

5. Sneakers / Adidas / 139,000 won

6. Bracelets / vintage shop / 24,000 won


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