To Love Someone for the First Time
To Love Someone for the First Time
  • Lee Han Jiwon
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Have you ever heard the saying "First love is never forgotten"? This sounds like people want to remember the time forever when they first experienced love. One's first love that brings a shiver just by thinking about it reminds people of past times. Also, it lets people remember themselves as someone who had been loved. Let's recall those who first came into our hearts and remember those we either don't want to forget or can't forget.

COVER OF Anne of Green Gables



"If I had wings, I would fly to you right now!"
-Anne Shirley


<Anne of Green Gables (1908)>

Siblings Marilla and Matthew wanted to adopt a boy to help them with their farm work. However, waiting for them at the train station was a girl with red hair and lots of freckles called Anne. Mrs. Spencer, who had organized the adoption, made a mistake and sent a girl instead of a boy. Seeing Anne's good nature, the siblings decided to keep her. Living in Green Gables, Anne and her friend Diana Berry, who lives next door, attended Avonela School together and studied hard. Anne falls out with Gilbert Blythe, a classmate when he gives her the nickname "carrot" to make fun of her red hair. Later, Gilbert asks Anne for forgiveness, but she refuses and just studies harder to beat Gilbert. After graduating from Avonlea School, Anne and Gilbert go to Queen's Academy and dream to be a teacher. However, due to Matthew's sudden death and Marilla's deterioration in health, Anne must give up her dream of college and continue living in Green Gables. Upon hearing this news, Gilbert gives Anne the teacher position at Avonlea School. Can Anne forgive Gilbert due to his kindness? Can Anne and Gilbert know each other's hearts and grow to love each other?



Anne of Green Gables is a popular story as it has been produced in many dramas and movies since the first edition was published in 1908. This book portrays the main character, Anne Shirley, in a lively and cheerful way. Also, Anne and Gilbert's feelings are expressed through delicate descriptions. This description is particularly remarkable in the parts where Anne and Gilbert's feelings are revealed. It helps readers to understand Anne's changes in emotions toward Gilbert. In addition, this story is more attractive to readers in that it depicts an enterprising woman's narrative centered on Anne. This love in the story is more meaningful because it is not just about the love story between a man and a woman, but about an active woman who achieves both her dream and her love. If readers are curious about Anne's story of growth, this SMT reporter recommends reading not only Anne of Green Gables but also follow-up works about Anne's middle and old age. Anne's life will teach readers about love.




"That night, while looking at the meteor, I wished that I wanted to be in her wish."
-Xu Taiyu


<Our Times (2015)>

A chain letter changes Lin Zhenshin's high school life. Lin Zhenshin has a crush on Ouyang Feifan, the school's most popular boy. Zhenshin, who has to pass on a chain letter, puts it in Xu Taiyu's bag, who does not get along with Feifan. After Zhenshin is caught passing on the letter, Xu Taiyu becomes friends with her. Xu Taiyu also has a favorite girl, and Zhenshin and Taiyu band together to help each other's unrequited love come true. Later, the two become closer and begin to like each other. Zhenshin, Taiyu, and their favorites travel together and have a good time, but Xu Taiyu and Lin Zhenshin still don't know how they feel about each other and they thought they still like the others. One day, Taiyu does not attend school and misses the CSAT. When Zhenshin got worried about him and asked Feifan, she heard that Xu Taiyu has a serious illness and traveled to the USA for treatment. Time passes without any contact. Lin Zhenshin, goes to work for a company and lives a normal daily life while missing Taiyu. Will she be able to meet Xu Taiyu again? Does Xu Taiyu still remember her?




<Our Times> begins with an office worker recalling her high school days. This storytelling further enhances the feeling of re-imagining old memories. The movie, which conveys a nostalgic feeling from the beginning to the end, has the power to draw out the first love of the audience beyond just fun. The narration of adult Lin Zhenshin, which is used when the story of the past is shown, not only explains the situation but also describes her feelings as a high school student. This technique conveys her feelings that the audience couldn't feel while watching the movie. Another feature of the film is that the colors of the present and the past in the film are different. Compared to the present, the past's color is softer, effectively delivering the feelings of first love to the audience. What should be noted in this movie is the theme song. The title of the theme song is "A Little Happiness," which means that each provides happiness for the other. The theme song plays an important role in creating the atmosphere of the movie. This SMT reporter recommends <Our Times> to those who want to feel both the excitement and pain of their first love.

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