New Faces on SMT
New Faces on SMT
  • Lee Park Jeongeun
  • 승인 2023.12.01 10:00
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Lee Park Jeongeun

Hello, everyone! My name is Park Jeongeun. I am a second-year student who is majoring in English Language and Literature. It is a big pleasure for me to be able to join the Sookmyung Times in the 91st reporter group. When I first read the Sookmyung Times in April last year, I was impressed by the content as there were diverse articles about Sookmyung Women's University and the world. As a freshman, this moment gave me high expectations for my school life, so I was thankful to SMT and unconsciously kept it in my mind. Moreover, as English is my major, the fact that it is an English newspaper attracted me even more. I thought that working as a SMT reporter would allow me to widen my perspectives and become more informed about what is going on at my college, SMWU. Like this, there were several reasons why I decided to apply for SMT, and I want to remind myself of those things whenever I find it challenging to work as a reporter. Please look forward to the Sookmyung Times and I will promise to try my best here. Thank you!

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