Climbing Onto the Big Stage
Climbing Onto the Big Stage
  • Kim Park Yeonhoo
  • 승인 2024.03.04 10:31
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Winter vacation global capacity building program


On January 17, the "Employment Strategy for Multinational Companies (MNCs)" online event was held by the Job Plus Center team of Sookmyung Women's University with Human Resources (HR) /employment consultant Lee Seung-hye as the guest speaker. She first spoke about the changing recruitment codes of the times to address the theme of understanding MNCs and job search preparation. She talked about the current situation of MNCs in the context of the current recruitment trend of finding the right person for the job, which had been centered on people in the past but is now centered on jobs. According to a survey conducted by the recruitment platform 'CATCH,' which involved 871 job seekers, the top three reasons for wanting to work for MNCs were a good welfare system, high salary, and free and horizontal corporate culture. Through this, she spoke about the advantages of MNCs and the recent increase in the number of people who wish to work for MNCs. On the other hand, she also mentioned that MNCs offer relatively lower base pay than large Korean companies for entry-level positions, long service, and big open recruitment, which should be factored into any decision. In addition, while job sites such as People n Job and career sites of companies can be utilized, she also emphasized the importance of networking because there is an internal referral system to obtain information from those who are employed at one's desired company. Finally, she said that students preparing for MNCs should have relevant work experience, foreign language skills, work-related knowledge, and interest in the job position. Among them, work experience was emphasized and experience in the industry such as through an internship was recommended. Park Yoo-Mi, Division of Business Administration '23 said, "I have always been interested in working for an MNC. Through this event, I was able to find out how to prepare specifically for it." SMWU's students were given the opportunity to prepare themselves for the wider world through this lecture.

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