Don't Be Afraid of English Interviews!
Don't Be Afraid of English Interviews!
  • Lee Park Jeongeun
  • 승인 2024.03.04 10:31
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The Job Plus Center on campus operated the 2023 Winter Vacation Global Capacity Enhancement Program from January 11 to 26. This program provided non-face-to-face lectures about nine different topics related to overseas employment to participants. Among them, the online lecture How to Prepare for an English Interview was conducted on January 19. Cho Sang-yun, the lecturer from English & Career, said that applicants need to show their passion for communication as attitude is highly important in an interview. Also, she emphasized that interviewees should double check the interviewer's question as giving irrelevant answers can give a poor impression. Then, the idea that good leaders are supported by good employees was mentioned as a great way to show one's ability to synergize with team members. There is a high probability of being asked about one's knowledge of the company, so the lecturer recommended researching the latest information on the company's website. When it comes to linguistic accuracy, using singular and plural and verb tenses accurately is very important. Moreover, she said that confusing yes and no to a question which begins with an expression such as 'don't,' 'can't', or 'aren't' can be a fatal mistake as in such a type of questionnaire, the meaning of yes and no works in reverse and this interferes with communication. Using the active mood for verbs and formal business English was also advised. After the lecture, Joo Yoo-na, English Language & Literature '20, said, "I have listened to various lectures since I wanted overseas employment, but today was the most informative time for me. I felt heavy with worries about the specific way to prepare for it before. This lecture made me learn about what I should work on from now on." This program was an opportunity for those students who hope to achieve their dream abroad to plan a concrete and practical strategy for an English interview.

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