Things You Can Feel Without Words
Things You Can Feel Without Words
  • Jo Yoo Suyeon
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If you think about your day, you might realize that you see quite a few animals in your daily life. The mere sight of a puppy out for a walk or a cat basking in the sun on the sidewalk can bring a smile to your face. These animals can bring up a variety of emotions without saying a word, and they are there to help us overcome trials and grow. In this process, humans and animals become true friends through unspoken interactions. Let's take a look at some stories of friendship between animals and humans.

COVER OF That Day, the Cat Came to Me



"Just open your mind. Then you can hear it."
- Yeon-woo


<That day, the cat came to me (2016)>

The main character, Yeon-woo, closes himself off from everyone after his mother's sudden passing. Turning a blind eye to what's going on in the world and not communicating with his remaining family, Yeon-woo meets three cats who came into his home. The cats, named Mori, Crema, and Maru, all have experience of being hurt by their previous owners and wandering the streets before being found and rescued by Yeon-woo's dad. Three cats, who come from different places, are quite awkward with each other at first, but over time they become close enough to play with each other. Yeon-woo was not interested in them at first, but slowly began to interact with them by petting and brushing their fur as they constantly hover around him. One day, when he makes eye contact with one of the cats that meows at him, he begins to hear what the cat is saying. Now that Yeon-woo can have a real conversation with them, will he be able to share his pain and grow with the cats?



Each of the book's four chapters tells the story of Mori, Crema, Maru, and Yeon-woo. The main characters in each chapter all have their own pains. Their gathering at Yeon-woo's house serves as a space for them to communicate with each other, providing comfort not only to the characters but also to the reader. The fact that Yeon-woo and the cats are able to understand each other's words conveys the message that if we have the courage to open our hearts in spite of our wounds, we will be able to see the unseen and hear the unheard. In addition, the fact that he learns to interact with the cats by making eye contact shows that animals and humans can share feelings with each other. The book also presents conversations between the cats, which add to the interest of the story by showing how the cats' minds work in real life. The friendship between the cats and Yeon-woo gives the reader a sense of comfort that there is hope even in difficult situations.




"Just because we haven't got to where the star's pointing us doesn't make it the wrong star."
- Reed Haskett


<Dolphin Tale (2011)>

Sawyer, an 11-year-old boy with an introverted personality, gets poor grades and doesn't get along with his classmates. These traits stem from being hurt by his father, who abruptly left the family and lost contact. When his older cousin, Kyle, enlists in the military and also leaves him, Sawyer feels even more isolated. One day, while walking to school, he spots a group of people rescuing a dolphin that has been caught in a net. They turn out to be the medical staff at Clearwater Marine Hospital, a marine animal treatment center, and, being concerned about the injured dolphin, he visits the hospital after school to see it. The dolphin, named Winter by the medical staff, makes a delightful noise when she sees Sawyer. Seeing this, the doctors allow Sawyer to attend Winter's mental treatment sessions. As he spends time playing in the water with Winter, he gradually becomes an enthusiastic and rejuvenated boy. However, Winter's tail has to be amputated due to a netting wound, and being unable to swim properly gradually worsens her condition. Wondering what to do, Sawyer asks Dr. McCarthy, a local prosthetist, to build Winter an artificial tail. Will Winter respond to Sawyer's efforts and swim freely again?

SCREENSHOT OF <Dolphine Tale>



A notable aspect of the movie is Sawyer's personality as he overcomes his trauma and becomes more positive due to his relationship with the female dolphin, Winter. The story unfolds as Sawyer, who is emotionally damaged by the loss of his loved ones, meets Winter, who is physically damaged, and the two heal each other's wounds. Although Winter is unable to provide direct verbal comfort, she makes sounds and movements in response to his moods, demonstrating a friendship that transcends words. Their relationship reminds the audience that sometimes being by each other's side is the greatest expression of affection. As Sawyer, who previously shied away from the spotlight, takes the initiative to communicate with medical staff and find a solution to Winter's problem, the movie can be seen as a coming-of-age story of a boy growing up under the dolphin's influence.

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