Do Not Let Time Pass You By
Do Not Let Time Pass You By
  • Lee Cho Myunghyun
  • 승인 2014.06.04 21:10
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On a sunny spring day, one professor told his class that there are too many important moments we lose.  A student decided at that moment to live every moment doing her best.  She spent her entire university life pleasing herself and stepping forward to her dream.  Now, in spring of 2014, the student has blossomed.  She achieves her dream and has become a JTBC announcer.  The Sookmyung Times (SMT) met announcer Ahn Nakyung (AHN), who loves life and is preparing to bloom again as another flower.


SMT  Two months have passed since you joined JTBC as an announcer.  How is work at JTBC?

AHN  I’m still a trainee at the moment, so I don’t have a program that I host regularly.  I am learning at JTBC how to announce effectively.  My senior colleagues are teaching me actively how to host properly an entertainment program or do an interview.  Also, I have hosted a short broadcasted program before.  It was just five minutes and I did it three times.  The show was my first after becoming an announcer.  However, I see it as a learning experience like the other work I’m doing now.

SMT  You’ve dreamed of being an announcer since when you were an elementary school student.  How do you feel now that you have achieved your goal?

AHN  When I first heard that I had been chosen, I couldn’t believe it.  The moment it sank in was when the company sent a flower basket to my home.  It was addressed to my parents, not to me.  In the basket, there was a small letter that said, ‘Thank you for raising our new colleague. ’ I was moved and I felt I had become a real member of the company.  Some people feel falsehood after achieving something, but I thought it is another new start for me.  I prepared long to be an announcer, but now I’m dreaming to be a journalist as an announcer.  That’s what changed after achieving my dream.


SMT  Then how was your university life? I wonder what kind of student you were.

AHN  When I was a student, one professor said, “There are so many situations people encounter that they miss many important moments.”  When I heard this, I was determined not to miss a single moment.  Since that time, I tried to do my best in everything.  Even during my many team projects at university, I did my best.  They were a great help to me later.  Doing my best, I attained top grades when I graduated.

SMT  Many students worry about making a balance between experiences off campus and grades.  Do you have any advice for these students?

AHN  Some people say gaining experience off campus is more important than studying hard.  However, in my case, getting experience off campus and study weren’t different.  As I just mentioned, not letting moments pass me by was important.  For example, I had the chance to present in front of a managing editor of KBS in a major class.  It was a good experience that helped me prepare to be an announcer.  I wouldn’t have had this meaningful experience if I hadn’t taken the class nor did my best at that moment.  If you seek a career only off campus, it could be problematic.  Those career experiences may not give you as much help as doing your best in your university studies.  I want students to love each moment sincerely.

SMT  You worked as an intern reporter at the Hankook-Ilbo.  What did you do as a reporter?

AHN  I really wanted to be a journalist in addition to being an announcer, so I applied for an internship at the Hankook-Ilbo.  As a reporter, I got real world working experience.  It was hard, but the time was truly helpful.  I wrote an article about university student couples who marry and have children, but suffer hardships because of a lack of facilities at university.  They could not successfully study while rearing a child.  It was the first article covered through the direction I wanted.  Interestingly, the Anti-Corruption and Civil Right Commission fixed related acts after reading my article.  I was really filled with pride at that time.

SMT  When you did the employment test of JTBC, the competition rate at that time was one out of 2,000.  How did you prepare it?

AHN  Actually, the competition rate did not bother me.  I thought it is just an experience, so I prepared for the interview comfortably.  Also, I believed showing my true self to be more important than masking myself to appear great.  I tried to hide nothing at the interview, and they viewed me favorably.  JTBC is a company that pursues uniqueness in society, and the atmosphere at the company is also free.  Because of the company’s characteristics, which were the same as my own, I was chosen by JTBC.


SMT  You likely have much work to do.  What kind of announcer do you wish to be?

AHN  When some people are asked this question, they usually say they want to be similar to a certain in the past.  I want to be that person.  In the future, I would love to hear announcers wishing to be like Ahn Nakyung.  More importantly, though, I hope to be an announcer that makes a broadcasted program special regardless of genre, particularly, as an anchor for the news.

SMT  Finally, what does SMU mean to you?

AHN  SMU is like a root.  It made me dream.  Many senior students and all my experiences at SMU really helped me achieve my goal.  Now, I want to be the fruit or flower that is bloomed on the SMU root.

Ahn Nakyung (AHN)

  • Graduated School of Communication & Media '14
  • An Announcer of JTBC

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