Who Is Ready and Prepared for the Future?
Who Is Ready and Prepared for the Future?
  • Kee Seong Eun-hye
  • 승인 2007.10.03 17:42
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Vice-president of DuPont Korea
On September 10, a special lecture was held at the University Auditorium in Queen Sunheon Building.  For this lecture, Kim Jung Won, a vice-president of DuPont Korea, visited SMU.  About 500 students listened to the lecture titled ‘Person who is required in the future, person who prepares for the future.’ 

The lecture was largely composed of two parts.  In the first part, Mr. Kim talked about DuPont and how DuPont has continued to exist for 205 years.  Then, he spoke about the talent which DuPont and future corporations are seeking.  Especially, he emphasized ‘3P (Purpose, Products, Process)’ which means how we must know what we want to be, why we want to be and how we will realize our dream.  Finally, he concluded his lecture by summarizing the lecture with four pieces of advices: make good friends, have a dream and a vision, be faithful to the present, and pursue a higher value than before. 

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