Make ‘TED’ for Sookmyung, Snow Exchange
Make ‘TED’ for Sookmyung, Snow Exchange
  • Chang Chun Heejin
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There are many popular lecture programs like TED, Sebasi (Korean TED), and Lecture 100 ̊C.  Why do people love to listen to lectures? Lectures have the power to move one's mind.  It encourages people when they are exhausted, gives new knowledge to them, and sometimes urge a lazy mind forward.  Some students are constantly trying to create these kinds of lectures.  The Sookmyung Times (SMT) met up with Snow Exchange (SNE) to hear members' thoughts about lectures. 

SMT Would you please explain the process of making a lecture?

SNE Snow Exchange is comprised of three departments: planning, advertising, and liaison.  At first, we determine the topic of a lecture through presentation and discussion, regardless of department.  Each department searches for guest speakers, and the liaison department contacts them.  Next, we create a title of lecture, and the planning department prepares detailed programs.  Finally, the advertisement department makes an advertisement plan that involves making posters and other materials needed to promote the lecture.

SMT What aspect do you consider the most when planning a lecture?

SNE Basically, we plan lectures that focus on knowledge sharing, which is the purpose of SNOW (SMU’s online lecture service for sharing educational content) because we are part of the Department of SNOW 2.0.  It is important to know what SMU students are interested in because lectures not only take into consideration planners and speakers, but audiences.  Therefore, we try to plan lectures that provide students information they want and need.

SMT What was the most memorable lecture the club set up?

SNE The lecture Hidden Talker about Knowledge Salon last August was meaningful.  We started planning this lecture after listening to stories of young people of similar ages to SMU students to break down the prejudice that lecture speakers are always senior citizens or successful people.  Therefore, we asked three university students to guest speak after an audition.  Because of their honest and sympathetic stories, the atmosphere was really great, and most students left the lecture with smiles on their faces.


SMT Lots of other external activities or clubs are making lectures.  What is something unique to Snow Exchange, which differentiates it from all other similar clubs?

SNE Our differentiating factor is ‘Secondary Knowledge Sharing.’  After sharing knowledge to an audience via a lecture, we share this lecture to the general public on the internet on SMU’s SNOW website.  Using SNOW, we are also able to share ideas and knowledge with foreigners from diverse cultures.  Members are extremely pleased when unknown people comment on the uploaded lectures.

SMT Recently, the online university education platform MOOC is shaping the future of university.  Like MOOC, the power of lectures seems to be growing.  What do you think exactly is this lecture power?

SNE A lecture is direct communication between a speaker and the audience.  The audience can listen to the content of a speaker’s lecture as if they were having a conversation.  Strong emotions, felt after listening to a lecture, can change one’s behavior and life.  This is the power of a lecture, so we try to provide good lectures that will harmonize speaker and audience.  For this reason, we will continue to strive to provide these kinds of lecture. 

Title: Snow Exchange
Type: SMU Leadership Club
Main Activities: Planning and Progressing a Regular Lecture Event named Knowledge Salon
History: Established on 2010
Scale: 18 members
Recruitment Info: March and September of each year


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