Check Your Health: Sookmyung Fitness Certification
Check Your Health: Sookmyung Fitness Certification
  • Wee Hwang Jaeyeon
  • 승인 2016.05.07 15:18
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From March 29th to 31th, Sookmyung held a Fitness Certification event at the Multi-complex Hall in the Administration Building.  It was held to encourage students to check and enhance their health.  Go Yousun, a professor in the Department of Physical Education, said, “Students who join the event can check their mental and physical health as well as learn how to improve their health.   Since the event is held annually, students who participate each year can become aware of fluctuations in their health.”  Moreover, doctors told students their Sasang constitutional types, an East Asia medical categorization in which people are divided into four groups according to their body characteristics and stress level, so that students could better manage their mental health.   There was no fee for participating, so multitudes of students leaped at the opportunity both at lunch hour and break times between classes.  Kim Jungeun, a student in the Department of Statistics ’16, said “I checked my health condition for free, so I participated comfortably.  Thanks to all the advice I received, I learnt exercises that most suit me and found out my ideal body type and how to keep it.  Upon completion, my body was exhausted, but I felt satisfied.”  For three days, students were given the opportunity to complete questionnaires and by following guidelines, they learnt how to exercise properly and gain knowledge about the body condition.  Students engaged in basal physical checks, learnt their bone density, had their stress levels checked, and so forth.

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