1:1 Career Counseling; A Step Forward to Your Dream
1:1 Career Counseling; A Step Forward to Your Dream
  • Kim Kim Hyuna
  • 승인 2017.03.04 15:34
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The Institute of Career Development Center held 1:1 career counseling sessions on January 2, 2017 to help Sookmyungians who are preparing for employment in the year 2017.  The session was divided into three counselling parts: employment, documentation, and interview preparation.  At employment counsel sessions, students received general advice on jobs and at the documentation counselling sessions, students could learn strategies creating better quality documents that could lead to higher employment success.  Last, at the interview preparation counselling part, students participated in mock interviews with experts in various fields.  Jo Hyemin, a student in the department of Japanese Studies’ 11, said, “I joined this career counselling program after seeing my friend who joined in the program last year obtain a lot of great advice on employment.  The counselling provided me with a lot of basic information on employment and jobs that will help me when I start preparing and applying for jobs”.  Jo also recommends younger university students at Sookmyung participate in the career counselling event when it’s near their time to enter the job market.  The counselling is a good opportunity for Sookmyungians interested in getting a jump start on their future job hunting as it provides not only general employment tips but gives students the chance to receive more individual attention and answers.

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