In Design; One Step Towards Newspaper Editing
In Design; One Step Towards Newspaper Editing
  • Kim Kim Hyuna
  • 승인 2017.04.04 16:36
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On February 26th, Sookmyung News opened a special lecture entitled “In Design for Reporters of Sookmyung News and The Sookmyung Times".  Each school vacation period, The Sookmyung Times and Sookmyung News host special guest lectures with the purpose of improving academic journalism on campus, and this year the lecture centered on In Design.  In Design is a program that is widely used in the publishing industry when designing covers and layouts for media print like newspapers, magazines, e-books, catalogs, brochures, and so on.  Most reporters who took part in the lecture said it was their first time to create designs using Adobe In Design.  At first, every reporter struggled to follow the lecturer’s instructions, but eventually, everyone was able to grasp and use the program.  The guest lecturer focused on basic keyboard shortcuts, which would ease designing.  The lecturer also taught student reporters how to change fonts, add new colors, reshape images, crop and adjust picture size.  Ahn Jieun, the In Design guest lecturer, a 2008 graduate of the Department of Industrial Design who double-majored in Visual and Media Design at Sookmyung Women’s University, said, “I was surprised by the number of student reporters who were from majors other than Media & Arts, but they did their best to follow my lecture and learn about In Design.  I am pleased at the outcome of the lecture and sincerely do hope what I showed them will help them.”  The Sookmyung Times hopes that the special lecture sparked interest of reporters.

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