Sherlock : The Abominable Bride
Sherlock : The Abominable Bride
  • Kim Choi Hyojin
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In the 1890s, Sherlock Holmes returns to London in a dream.  He is presented with the murder mystery, ‘The Ghost Bride’.  A bride who recently committed suicide by shooting herself with a gun is found roaming the streets of London as a ghost.  The ghost bride kills her husband in front of the police.  This killing then sparks several similar killings by and public fear of the unknown ghost bride.  Sherlock and Watson realize the seriousness of the situation and decide to solve the mystery.  At the end of the movie, the two learn that the ghost bride is actually a composite of women despised by men.


There are three reasons for recommending ‘Sherlock : The Abominable Bride’.  First, it will really be a gift for Holmes television series fans.  It’s sure not to disappoint any fan.  The Holmes series is a well-known English television series, and the story is even better on the big screen.  Second, while the television version is set in modern time, the movie version takes place during the Victorian era, so both fans and other moviegoers are given a different perspective of the storyline.  Moviegoers are given a short glimpse at life during that period, and it’s interesting to see yester years clothing, especially Victorian women’s outfits.  The movie also acts like a historical drama as well as a mystery.  The best aspect of the movie is the lead actor, ‘Benedict Cumberbatch’, himself.  On the television series, Holmes has curly hair, but long enough to cover his face.  However, in the movie, he has short hair, revealing his handsome facial features for the audience.  For these reasons, SMT recommends this movie.  If you are not a fan now, you will become one after watching ‘Sherlock : The Abominable Bride’.

Famous line

There is no ghost in the world except the ghost we have created.

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