Color on Point!
Color on Point!
  • Kim Hong Taeeun
  • 승인 2018.04.10 12:48
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Jang Eunseong
Department of Clothing and Textiles '16


Q. Could you briefly share how you gained interest in fashion?

I found my interest for interested in fashion and beauty out quite a young age.  As my love for fashion grew, there was even a time during my middle school days that I tried selling clothes through online communities.  This was especially fun because I earned a bit of money, which I could use to buy new clothes for myself.  I suppose it was that experience and my natural interest in fashion that made certain fashion was the field of study for me.

Q. What does your Spring 2018 fashion say about yourself and to fellow Sookmyungians?

I prefer more classical styles that are timeless, for they rarely become “out-of-date”.  For example, I typically wear baggy shirts and wide fitting coats.  Also, I put in a great amount of thought into color coordination.  Today, for instance, I am wearing a purple shirt, not just because purple is my favorite color, but because the color well suits spring.  Coincidently, the color ultra violet was chosen by Pantone as the color of the year.  It would be wonderful to see Sookmyungians opt for this color and blend it into their outfits this spring.


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