I Am a Gypsy in Australia
I Am a Gypsy in Australia
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  Sydney is the most famous tourist destination in Australia.  Because of that, it is easy to access tour programs and to find information centers.  As a good example, tourists can see and travel throughout Sydney with Bondi Explorer or Sydney Explorer, which are city tour programs.  HOWEVER!  Some sightseers want to wander around the city on their own like gypsies.  They have no destination and are free from time and other constraints.  They enjoy walking and touring the city freely.  I also enjoyed wandering around Sydney with a Romany heart.





                          Beautiful site

[Oh, how I love the sanctuary!  It is a sublime and attractive place.]
I started at the St. James station.  Many sightseeing spots are located in Sydney City; I could tour the city without using transportation because it isn’t large.  St. James station is situated near Hyde Park, behind which is a church.  Actually, I had wanted to enter it when I first went to the park, but unfortunately, I couldn’t then.  If I hadn’t visited that sanctuary while I was staying in Sydney, I would have regretted it.  I like to see stained glass and also the sublime and splendid atmosphere.  That day, I finally went into St. Mary’s Cathedral.  I had heard the cathedral is the longest sanctuary in Australia, and it was modeled after Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.  It didn’t disappoint my expectations.  The inside of the building was more wonderful and sublime than the outside.  Each stained glass window described scenes about life of Jesus.  Some people were praying with a grave countenance in the dark.  Several candles on an altar gleamed in the cathedral, which created a splendid ambiance and it was a fascinating scene.  There was a small, charmingly decorated shop in which I saw some pictures of the cathedral and others.  Some parts of the building were being repaired and could not be entered.



After I left St. Mary’s Cathedral, I saw a building that seemed important across the street.  As I got nearer the structure, I realized that it was the Supreme Court.  It looked like a medieval building.  The coat of arms of Australia was carved in stone on top of the building, and three flags were waving on the wall.  Even though I wanted to go inside it, I couldn’t enter, with much regret.




[The guinea pig is the pig with a gold nose!]
As I continued walking along the street, I saw a stone pig.  It sat majestically in front of Sydney Hospital.  Approaching the pig curiously, I saw that two women were rubbing its nose.  My friend explained, “You are supposed to rub the nose and then pray to the pig for your health.”  I rubbed its nose, and then prayed for good health as she bid.  Under the sculpture, I saw an inscription.  It read as follows:


“Porcellino” is an Italian word that means ‘Guinea pig.’  Singularly, this guinea pig had a shining gold nose.  I thought the gold nose was original, but I was wrong.  “The reason for the gold nose is that the paint of the nose was rubbed off,” my friend said.  If you see the pig, rub its nose!




[Parliament House, the place is worth a visit!]
Along the street, not far away, you’ll find the Parliament House.  The building is open to the public, and I entered it out of curiosity.  I had to be inspected before I went in.  The inside of the building is elegant and well-polished.  I found a simple brochure in Korean on the stand.  The building includes a conference room, rest room and library.  I especially enjoyed reading the history of the parliament house and the parliamentary process up to now on the wall newspaper in the library room.  I was also deeply impressed by the ceiling of the room.  When I bent back my head and looked at the ceiling, I saw the elegant stained glass.  Wow!  It was surprising and beautiful to me, and I cannot forget it!  I looked at several pictures of the Senate and the Representative before leaving.  If you want, you can listen to information about the building from a guide.



The next building I saw was the State Library of NSW (New South Wales).  There was an older State Library on the side of the new library.  The two libraries were connected by an underpass.  The library is large, and also includes a pavilion.  I viewed the exhibition for free, making a small contribution instead of getting pamphlets.  The donation is not mandatory, and you may get pamphlets for free.



I went out of the library and then walked past the Royal Botanic Gardens.  The orange flags on which was written ‘SYDNEY FESTIVAL 2008’ were fluttering in the wind.  The surrounding area is known as the Rocks.  Accordingly, I saw many buildings were made of stone.  The buildings were solemn and graceful.  As I walked along the street, I was hallucinated as if I was a lady walking the streets in the Middle Ages of England.  At the end of the street, I arrived at the Opera House.  I watched street performances such as circus acts and traditional music while enjoying sweet ice cream in front of the Opera House.  Without a doubt, I would not have enjoyed so much pleasure for free, if I had toured Sydney by using a travel agency or tour program.  If you go to Sydney and you have time, I recommend the walking tour.  Sydney City is not a large area.  If you have a good plan, you can get the most enjoyment for the lowest cost during this trip!

Opera House

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