SMU Falls in Love with European Literature
SMU Falls in Love with European Literature
  • Kim Lee Kyunghee
  • 승인 2008.10.06 19:38
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Autumn has come, and naturally we call this season ‘the season of reading a book.’  Greeting this special season, for both Sookmyungians and the broader community, the SMU Library prepared a “Meeting with European Literature” together with the British Council and Goethe-Institut.  This is the second time that the SMU Library has prepared this special program; last year, the library prepared a “Meeting with East Asian Literature”. 

The officer of the SMU Library, Kim Soo-yeon said, “We have exhibited literature from three countries: England, France, and Germany.  Also we chose 10 novelists from each country.”  In this exhibition, people can discover famous novelists from the 16th-20th centuries; William Shakespeare, Virginia Woolf (English Literature), Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Albert Camus (French Literature), and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Franz Kafka (German Literature).  Besides, not only classic novelists, but modern novelists like Doris Lessing and Le Clezio are welcomed in the library.   Of particular note, Le Clezio has been to Korea as a visiting professor at SMU, so Sookmyungians are able to approach her masterpieces more easily. 

At this exhibition, people can discover these novelists’ representative words and movies based on their masterpieces.  It will be open every day during the period 6/2~12/31, from 9:00A.M. to 10:00P.M. (Except Sundays and Public Holidays, and on Saturdays it closes at 5:00P.M.).

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