Special Card for Sookmyungians
Special Card for Sookmyungians
  • Kim Lee Kyunghee
  • 승인 2008.10.06 21:40
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A special discount card for Sookmyungians has been created by the 40th Student Government, MUV.  When Sookmyungians use it, they can get some advantages like discounts and priority reservations.  An officer of MUV said, “The northern universities--Korea University, Yonsei University, Dankook University and Sungkyunkwan University?  have all made this card.  This project was also one of the public commitments of MUV.” 

Sookmyungians can obtain benefits from not only restaurants and shops located near SMU, but also major companies like Lotte Cinema and YBM Academy.  For example, you can get a discount of 1,000 won off your movie ticket when you see a movie at Lotte Cinema once a week.  Moreover, MUV said that they have tried to increase card member shops which are focused on needs of a women’s university like nail shops, beauty salons.

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