Leadership Strengthening Course, Vision School
Leadership Strengthening Course, Vision School
  • Lim Yang Yunjeong
  • 승인 2009.05.13 22:13
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From March 27 to 28, 2009, in Centennial Hall, a Leadership Workshop for Sookmyungians was held.  The workshop took place over two days, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m..  The event was limited to 40 people and involved doing both group work and individual work.  The purpose of the workshop was to give aid for employment and career development to Sookmyungians by improving their leadership skills.  This workshop was divided into two parts: ‘Presentation skill up’ and ‘Thinking skill up.’  The director of the Education Business division of Wilson Learning Korea, Kim Jihyeon (Kim), was a lecturer for this event.  On the first day, the ‘Presentation skill up’ course advanced favorably.  In this course, students had time to freely express their opinions and thinking in a three minute speech. Each Sookmyungian did her presentation well and expressed her views fearlessly.  The student president of SMU, Haeseon Bak, who was one of the participants, gave a speech about the subject ‘How to enlarge personal networking.’   Because her speech was so humorous, she set the table in uproar.  After each speech was over, one of the listeners evaluated the speech mentioning its merits or demerits, and next, lecturer Kim advised the speaker on eye contact, pronunciation, gestures and voice tone.  The president of CHANGE, the 41st student government, Bak Haeseon, who was one of the participants, gave a speech about the subject 'How to enlarge personal networking.'  Lecturer Kim said to her, "Because your speech was so humorous, you set the table in uproar.  That is one of your speech's good points."  The attendants had a meeting and made a framework presentation map on the first day.  Also there was group work to increase cooperation.  On the second day, they took the ‘Thinking skill up’ course which needed a spirit of initiative and encouraged logical thinking.  Students made an issue tree and mind maps to improve logical speech and thinking which are very practical in social life.  One of the students who attended the workshop said, “This course was so impressive to me.  I learned many presentation skills which can help me make full use of speech.  I appreciate participating in this event.”

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