A Question for You, Have You Never Had a Burning Passion to Help Someone?
A Question for You, Have You Never Had a Burning Passion to Help Someone?
  • Lim Yang Yunjeong
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Have you ever watched a guide dog for the blind in Sookmyung Women’s University (SMU)?  Then, do you know Kim Kyungmin (KIM) who is the dog’s master and undergraduate in the Division of Education in SMU?  She is visually handicapped (1st Rank) but she was at the top of the division at the second semester, 2008.  She is differently ‘abled’ person at SMU.  On the assumption that you know her, are you a warmhearted person to her for once?  Perhaps, didn’t you shout or touch when you saw the guide dog without careful concern for her?

The ‘2009 Valuation of university conditions for disabled undergraduate education welfare support,’ conducted by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, selected the very best twenty universities.  Included were Seoul National University, Sungkyunkwan University, Sogang University, Kyung Hee University, Ewha Womans University and Daegu University.  SMU was also selected one of the best twenty universities.  In Students’ Culture and Welfare, they are making an effort to improve the convenience of differently abled people at SMU.  The Sookmyung Times (SMT) investigated the present condition of universities including SMU.


Kim Kyungmin with her guide dog Mi-dam
— SMU with Undergraduate Kim Kyungmin
The aid system Kim is most proud of is ‘Helpers with differently abled people per subject.  In other universities, only one or two helpers help a person, but in SMU, according to the number of subjects, differently abled people can be supported.  In addition, at some universities differently abled students look for helpers by themselves, but SMUs students send in a written application and are supported by the helpers who change class materials to voice files effectively who is related the subject from Students Culture and Welfare.Students Culture and Welfares school personnel are very kind and help sincerely.  Also, a ‘Helper Scholarship’ is conferred well on thankful helpers by their efforts, although governments supports estimate a cut.  However, SMU doesn’t have a lot of establishments for differently abled people.  First, in SMU, there are few raised sidewalk blocks.  Differently abled students need bright- colored raised sidewalk blocks near stairwells.  Second, there has to be voice support in each buildings elevators, and they need Braille elevator buttons.  Third, SMU has a lot of stairs.  The person who is wheeled is so uncomfortable to move on campus.  Finally, they need a restroom because differently abled students don’t move easily, so they feel embarrassed between classes.  The computer which has voice program for blind is needed, too.

— Daegu University Selected the Very Best University for Three Years Running
Daegu University has about 196 differently abled students the highest number in the country.  They are supported by the Disabled Students Service Center which is the whole responsibility establishment for professor, study and one stop welfare support of differently abled students.  They developed the first book and voice book and provided disabled support service of field-specific professor study.  In addition, Daegu University is enlarging various special structures and convenient facilities like low floor buses, lift cars, and a reading room for the disabled which has undulating desks.

—The Others - Yonsei, Korea, Sungkyunkwan University
Like SMU, Yonsei University provides differently abled students with a helper.  Not only the visually handicapped, but also the people paralyzed from waist down can demand helpers.  Korea University supports interpreting of sign language to the hearing-impaired from this year.  Also, Sungkyunkwan University has a reading room, elevator, a parking place for the disabled, a consulting system for disabled students, and supports a Ginkgo scholarship.  In addition, they selected student helpers voluntarily in the department.  Other universities, including SMU, have a lot of problems in accessibility for differently abled students.  Even so, many universities make efforts to improve differently abled students convenience.  The Students Culture and Welfare of SMU is preparing a resting room for them and checking equipment to enlarge their convenient facilities.  But the cognizance side as well as the systemic side needs urgent improvement.  Student Kim Kyungmin suffers bitter insults sometimes because of the actions of SMU undergraduates which have no consideration for her.  It is a basic common sense that you must not tease her guide dog Mi-dam by touching her and tempting her with food.  If some person touches the dog, she doesn’t know that.  But her dog, Midam has a lot of confusion.  Next, in case of elevators, elevators were established for the weak and the elderly and differently abled people originally, but when she goes to ride an elevator, it is full already and often no one gets out of the elevator even though they see her.  Especially in the winter, when people close the door a lot, she was very embarrassed because of a glass door.  If the person in front of her suddenly closes the door, she and Mi-dam will catch in the door or collide with the door.  This also happens with the elevators closing button.  Wise, modest and kind Sookmyungians, do you think these instances are difficult situations?  Dont you have a just one minute when make the weak happy?  Please, before insisting our rights on having a fitness club, pouch room and nap rooms, think of the needs of differently abled students like a resting room.  Quoting the poem of An Dohyun, a question for you, have you never had a burning passion to help someone?

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