Are You Living with a Barbie?
Are You Living with a Barbie?
  • Sah Kim Hyesun / Reporter
  • 승인 2010.04.05 23:08
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Artificial Women

                               PHOTO BY HS
A Korean movie, Pounds Beauty, showed a woman’s story that underwent a plastic operation and succeeded in losing weight because of and then became a celebrity.  In the movie, it represented the reality of plastic surgery and diet generalization in Korea.  A plastic surgery originally means the field of surgery concerned with reducing scarring or disfigurement that may occur
as a result of accidents, birth defects, or treatment for diseases.  However, the most famous field in plastic surgery is cosmetic and aesthetic surgery which operates a surgery for patient’s beauty.

“I Am on a Diet, therefore I Exist”

Recently, people often found out books related with diet, and observed those kinds of books became a bestseller.  Also, the number of yoga academics and fitness centers is gradually increasing.  As people easily notice the word ‘Diet’ and ‘fat’ in the street, losing weight brings up the issue of many Koreans, especially university students.  University News Networks surveyed 1,707 university students in Korea and found that 84 percent of female students (989 people) reported, "I experienced dieting and want to."  This result implies that women are fixated on and addicted to dieting and losing weight.  Media, however, are full of paradoxes that show skinny models and celebrities and coincidentally urge a severity of diet of women in their twenties.  Therefore, women cannot notice the seriousness of disorders and side effects of dieting.  Even though they only concentrate on ‘Beauty weight,’ not on ‘a superficial weight’ like BMI (Body Mass Index).  It isn’t only the problem of diet, to be beautiful; women don’t mind wearing 7-10cm high heels and a short skirt.  Nowadays, what does ‘Beauty’ mean to women?  Can outward ‘Beauty’ bring about happiness?



There are disabled women who find out their own beauty.  Although they are handicapped and disabled, their beauty differs from women who only pursue developing their appearance.  Disabled Women’s Network (DWnetwork) supported handicapped women and pictured their body’s beautifulness and uniqueness.  In the photo gallery, smiling women wearing pink T-shirts were moving other people’s minds and helping them consider what real beauty is.  Handicapped participants

overcame their difficulties and faced up to the reality, and finally appreciated their bodies in a way they never
had before.  Judah Leon Abravanel, a Jewish Portuguese physician, poet and philosopher in the 16th century, defined ‘Beauty’ as a something that moves the spirit.  In the past, history inferred that each beauty can control the spirit.  As time goes by, the meaning of beauty is affected by the era, the values of people, and development of science and technology.  However, no matter what barriers are, the actual and original beauty cannot fade away, and modern women get to define their own beauty and seek after a valuable beauty for themselves.



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